His Purchased Wife Novel by Elk Entertainment

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His Purchased Wife Novel Summary.

You may kiss the bride,” the priest announced and my body shuddered in resistance as the words I told him two days ago rang in my ears.

I won’t even spit on your face let alone marry you, Liam Knight. His eyes were shining in triumph, clearly stating that once again he won.

He smirked cruelly, taunting me without words how he forced me to do exactly what I said I would never do even if he begged me.

He didn’t beg, on the contrary, he forced me to marry him. He took a step forward, raised my chin, I fisted my hand tightly at the sides when he placed his unworthy lips on mine.

Disgusted with his touch but I tolerated it for the sake of my father who was at his mercy at this moment. He pulled away from my lips with the same rule smile intact on his face,

“I made you mine, Babygirl and I can’t wait for us to be alone!” He said darkly. My breath hitched looking at the darkness in his eyes. If I would have been the old Aurora I would be scared but not anymore.

I might have bowed down my pride for my father but if he was looking for a submissive wife, he sure was not going to get one!.

His Purchased Wife Novel by Elk Entertainment
His Purchased Wife Novel by Elk Entertainment

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