His Highlander Luna Novel by TL DeLeon

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His Highlander Luna Novel Summary.

Bridgette is appalled when her father begins meddling in her life. Forcing his oldest daughter to wed is a travesty!

After all, a fated mate is the ultimate gift from the Moon Goddess and she is willing to wait, forever if need be. In her mind, being forced to take a chosen mate simply because of her status is unforgivable.

Daughter of the Lycan King, her father is becoming impatient and wants his headstrong daughter to take a mate, and take the throne,

and is forcing his independent daughter to settle down with a man of his choosing. Bridgette sees her opportunity for escape and leaps at it, fleeing across the Ocean to escape her own family,

yet in a mysterious turn of events, she will finally find her fated mate! Lucca is a model Alpha, strong and generous. A man that every female prays will chose as them as his future mate and Luna,

however nothing could be further from Lucca’s mind. He is all about work, running his elaborate construction company like a well-oiled machine it is.

Designing some of the east coasts most sophisticated mansions, and he has no temperament for games. Content with his life until the Moon Goddess turns everything upside down and he meets the formidable Bridgette.

Bridgette panics upon finding her mate, an American Alpha or all things, despite the immediate connection and flees once more. However Lucca is persistent nonetheless and a solid bond begins to form between them until all is intervened by a madman!

Evan James lost his mate and his sanity in the same heart beat, his ruthlessness causes chaos, tragedy, and heartbreak to all searching, whist his madness affects all.

Will Bridgette and Lucca be able to save themselves and retain their cherished mate bond, or will it be destroyed by a deranged Alpha whose own pain cascades to all he meets, and inevitably causes destruction to all?.

His Highlander Luna Novel by TL DeLeon
His Highlander Luna Novel by TL DeLeon

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