His Escort Novel by Victoria Clement

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His Escort Novel Summary.

THERE’S A THIN LINE BETWEEN LOVE AND LUST. Nancy is a pretty and brutal assassin who lures men in bed just to kill them without any difficulty.

Beautiful and poisonous with a charming body that is capable of seducing any man, she works for a top-secret deadly assassin agency in the United States.

With her skills and cold-blooded heart, she is the best assassin the agency has ever had in years, and never has she failed in any mission she gets assigned to.

Unfortunately for Nancy, fate took a drastic turn when she gets a job to eliminate the president’s son.

Instead, Nancy found herself falling deeply in love with him. Will she carry out her assignment or spare the heart she loves?.

His Escort Novel by Victoria Clement
His Escort Novel by Victoria Clement

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