His Broken Princess Novel by Lisi

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, His Broken Princess by Lisi.

His Broken Princess Novel Summary.

Amira Stone, daughter of the Alpha King & Alpha Queen, Damien and Allira Stone, is bullied and raped constantly while being locked up in a bedroom.

Her room has no windows and only a bed and bathroom. Werewolves don’t get their wolves until they turn 16 but for Amira Stone she didn’t get her wolf and is hence used for pleasure by her very own father and brother.

But what will happen when she turns 18? Will she escape? Will she find a mate? And why hasn’t she received a wolf? What will happen to her family? Don’t miss out & read now !

His Broken Princess Novel by Lisi
His Broken Princess Novel by Lisi

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