Hidden Mistakes Novel by NightRose

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Hidden Mistakes Novel Summary.

Mia, a successful businesswoman, had her heart shattered by her fiancé, David, who secretly married someone else. After discovering she was pregnant with David’s child,

Mia was forced to make a difficult decision. Later, she finds love with her business associate, Derek, and becomes pregnant again, but keeps her secret hidden.

Years later, Mia and Derek reconnect and feel an intense attraction to each other. But Mia’s hidden mistakes threaten to destroy their newfound love.

When Derek discovers the truth, he feels betrayed and struggles to come to terms with his newfound fatherhood. Mia must navigate her own feelings of guilt and shame for keeping the secret.

As their relationship blossoms, Derek proves his love and commitment to Mia and their daughter. But Mia is hesitant, unsure if she can trust Derek to be a committed father and partner.

Meanwhile, David and Mia’s co-parenting relationship becomes strained due to their unresolved past. Despite the challenges they faced, Derek proves his love and commitment to Mia and their daughter, and they start a new life together, raising their child as a family.

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But secrets have a way of coming out, and Mia’s past mistakes threaten to ruin everything. Will they find forgiveness and second chances?

Hidden Mistakes Novel by NightRose
Hidden Mistakes Novel by NightRose

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