HESTIA – The Virgin Princess Novel by Yhen Amor

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HESTIA – The Virgin Princess Novel Summary.

Women usually dreamed of becoming crowned Princesses; only a few are exceptions. Hestia belongs to these few exceptions.

She refused to accept her destiny of becoming the first crowned Virgin Princess or Princess Hestia of their Tribe. Thus, before her eighteenth birthday, Hestia escapes.

She needs to leave Balwarte De Gapo Island otherwise she will not have a free life; she will not be free to love and live the way she wanted to.

At the age of eighteen, she will be offered to the Fairies, said to be guarding their Island. Once the offering ritual is done, she will vow to remain a virgin like the fairies and will be crowned as the Tribe’s First Virgin Princess or Princess Hestia.

In her escape, she met Alexander, the owner of Caralex Bay Resort and the man who strengthened her desire not to be crowned Princess Hestia. Would love conquers all?

HESTIA - The Virgin Princess Novel by Yhen Amor
HESTIA – The Virgin Princess Novel by Yhen Amor

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