He’s my Rockstar Novel by Just Bae

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He’s my Rockstar Novel Summary.

Following his meteoric rise to fame as the charismatic frontman of a chart-topping rock band, Alex finds himself transformed into an ego-driven bad boy performer.

Behind the scenes, he succumbs to the darkness of excess and vice, but the public remains blind to the truth of who he’s become.

When Alex meets Roxy, one of his most fervent admirers, her adoration temporarily revives his passion for performing and reminds him what it feels like to be appreciated.

However, Alex continues spiraling into the abyss, heedless of the warnings from friends and associates pleading for him to change course.

An unlikely ally, Roxy may be the only one capable of penetrating Alex’s hardened exterior and understanding what it will take to bring him back from the brink.

As his behavior becomes increasingly erratic, Roxy is determined to be the lifeline that pulls Alex back from the edge and helps him reconnect with the person he was before fame distorted his reality.

She’s the lone voice of reason in his world of chaos, and his last hope for redemption.

He's my Rockstar Novel by Just Bae
He’s my Rockstar Novel by Just Bae

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