Hero of Darkness Novel

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Hero of Darkness Novel Summary

Elric’s life had been nothing short of a nightmare since his childhood. He was constantly bullied at school, detested and ignored by his family, and left with nobody to care whether he lived or died.

The accumulated loneliness and suffering from decades pushed him into a severe depression, and he ultimately decided to take his life’s final decision… Suicide.

One day, Elric’s soul heard a voice calling out to him.

“Wake up, Elric. I am the God of Darkness, and I’m here to give you another chance at life.”

To the God of Darkness, Elric replied with only two words…

“Fuck off!”

Now forced with the possibility of a new life despite his unwillingness… Elric must decide whether to become a puppet or forge a new destiny with his own hands.

Will he overcome his traumatic past or squander yet another chance at life?

Hero of Darkness Novel by CrimsonWolfAuthor
Hero of Darkness Novel by CrimsonWolfAuthor

Hero of Darkness Free Online Novel

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