Her Reincarnated Alpha Novel by Mys_tic

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Her Reincarnated Alpha Novel Summary.

“I can’t tell you.” She sniffled and used the back of her hand to wipe the tears away. Drake heaved again, out of exhaustion. “Alright, fine.

Why are you hurting yourself instead?” He probed. “Because it’s inevitable,” she replied blankly. Meet Drake Randolph, the son of the Alpha’s mistress. Reincarnated into a new body after he was framed and killed by his half-brother.

Living his new life as Alpha Zion, who was betrayed by his Luna, and was killed by her and his beta, the night the half-blood moon was out. His only mission in his new life was to do one thing, Revenge. Unstained hands, then first kill, second, and the uncountable kills that followed after.

Rieka. Granddaughter to a wolf that was known for practicing sorcery. Cursed by her wolf grandmother. A curse that did not only harm her physically but mess up her emotional life.

Stepping into the life of the Reincarnated Alpha, she chooses to accept the torture she had to experience. What will be her fate when it is discovered that she is not only his mate, but he was the one destined to save her, and bring her out of the gruesome torture her life had been changed into?

Her Reincarnated Alpha Novel by Mys_tic
Her Reincarnated Alpha Novel by Mys_tic

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