Her Quiet Revenge Novel by Diamond 🖤

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Her Quiet Revenge Novel Summary.

Rose Alexander, Canada’s most beautiful heiress, thought her dream of a happily ever after was finally coming to pass.

However, after being betrayed by most of the people she loved and cared about, she turned to a devil-like, handsome Greek-Italian god.

Picking herself back up again was all Rose could do after a dreadful incident that almost took her life. She learned not to trust anyone and to keep her guards up

after her financier broke her heart and left her to die coldly on a lonely street in the middle of the night. With nothing left for her to lose,

she decided to take her revenge, ready to was willing to do everything possible to make sure the people who betrayed her paid. But it was more serious than she thought.

Left with no choice, she sold her soul to another Italian devil, who might just end up breaking her again. Why do all Italian guys do this to me? she thought.

Her Quiet Revenge Novel by Diamond 🖤
Her Quiet Revenge Novel by Diamond 🖤

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