Her Mate, Her Cure Novel by Yhen Amor

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Her Mate, Her Cure Novel Summary.

Grazziena danced gracefully and with poise. She made it a point to stand out from the rest at this early stage of the competition.

She is anyway, the tallest and most fair skin among all the contestants. From the lines of the Board of Judges, sitting in front of the stage and ramp; one particular, young and gorgeous man,

who is sitting in the middle of all the board of judges were all eyes on Grazziena. He never left his eyes from contestant number 8.

He seemed to be mesmerized and drawn to the tallest beauty among the contestants, who was now strutting her long and fair skin legs on her catwalk, swaying her hips in its most seductive yet elegant manner.

She carried her yellow one-piece swimsuit with grace and style that none of the other contestants was able to do.

He shot her with an intense look when she posed at the middle-end part of the ramp, a few inches away from where he is seated.

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As Grazziena’s eyes locked into those intense-looking deep-seated black eyes, something inside her growled and her heart made some somersaults.

She continued to strut her catwalk on the ramp. It is already ten o’clock in the evening, yet the Beauty Contest is just in its mid-way.

She is afraid and she is getting nervous. She will shift into her cursed wolf form when midnight falls. She was cursed by Thutaara, the powerful witch of Mt. Reveree.

Her only cure can be found in the last words whispered by her Luna Mother before she took her last breath.

Finding the cure is however incomprehensible. Until she met Governor Draeko, who swept her off her feet. But then her life was swamped with doubts and confusion when Lumaro,

the soon-to-be Alpha of the Cold Mountain Pack, suddenly appeared claiming her as his mate.

Between the Young Governor Draeko and the soon-to-be Alpha Lumaro of the Cold Mountain Pack, who is her true mate and her cure?

Her Mate, Her Cure Novel by Yhen Amor
Her Mate, Her Cure Novel by Yhen Amor

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