Her husbands Novel by Lunasads

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Her husbands Novel Summary.

“Power is a rush. I want you to dominate me.” ***** They had secrets. I was in dilemma until they came to visit our kingdom.

The sons of Nithilorc made themselves of nothing, the mysterious, handsome men, desired by women in distinct realms.

Evil secrets they held inside themselves and my captors were well known across realms, not only for their incalculable wealth but their cruel and malicious acts also.

I wondered what they held behind their cold exteriors when I was spared by them after they massacred my whole kingdom.

I should hate them, I should loathe them but I couldn’t when I learned the answer when they claimed me as theirs.

An eternity of suffering and pain until I discovered lies my husbands kept to themselves. Truths revealed and they craved their names in my heart.

Her husbands Novel by Lunasads
Her husbands Novel by Lunasads

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