Harvard Medical School Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admission 

Are you looking to know Harvard Medical School’s acceptance rate and some other requirements to secure admission into the school?

Getting into Harvard Medical School in 2023 (HMS), which is ranked first for research by US News and World Report, is regarded as a lofty goal by most medical school applicants.

 For every applicant, Harvard is a rich school. Harvard Medical School, a private medical school in Boston, Massachusetts, offers students not only a top-notch medical education but also the chance to live in a dynamic city. 

Getting into Harvard Medical School is a dream come true if you’re attending medical school kindergarten. But like other Ivy schools in his league, Harvard’s medical acceptance rate is low.

So the competition is huge. The question everyone will be asking is what does it actually take to get into Harvard’s prestigious medical school.

 When it comes to medical school, it’s no news that Harvard Medical School is the best.

 Most students don’t even bother applying because they feel they’ll never get the chance to get into Harvard Medical School. 

So what makes the students who want to study here stand out from the sea of ​​unqualified students who apply to this great institution?

 What do I have to do to get into Harvard Medical School?

The answer to this question means a lot to medical students, especially when there is no magic formula on how to get into Harvard Medical School.

 Therefore, this article should look at the lives of these successful students.

 Harvard because there are some traits that these students who applied and got accepted to her medical school seemed to have in common. 

However, emulating these people does not guarantee acceptance into Harvard Medical School. y increase your chances.

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What to know about HMS 

One might wonder who wouldn’t want to be called a Harvard Medical Doctor. 

You don’t need to go to Harvard Medical School to want to study there because of the respect it inspires. 

As we already mentioned, Harvard is one of the top medical schools in the USA and the entire world. 

HMS is one of the world’s oldest medical institutions; it was founded in 1782. 

The Harvard Medical School has a reputation for being at the cutting edge of medical advancements. 

Another benefit of attending Harvard Medical School is the school’s flexibility, which allows students to follow their interests. 

subsequently, learn how they can improve society and the very fabric of their profession. 

You are equipped to play a key role in medicine after attending Harvard Medical School.

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What is HMS Acceptance Rate?

Harvard Medical School acceptance rate was 2.7% in the 2020-2021 admissions class, the latest data available. This number varies little from year to year.

 Here’s the decomposed data:

  • Harvard has received 8,002 medical school applications.
  • Harvard conducted 851 medical school interviews.
  • Harvard accepted her 222 applicants, or her 26% of surveyed applicants. There were 164 students enrolled in the medical school.
  •  Harvard Medical School’s overall acceptance rate is 2.7% for him.

Another entry class record for 2022 is:

  • Harvard University received 9,195 medical school applications.
  • Harvard conducted her 851 medical school interviews.
  • Harvard Medical School had 164 students. Harvard accepts international and non-national students.

 It may seem obvious, but Harvard Medical School values ​​and expects academic excellence from its applicants. So, if Harvard is your goal, try as much as you can in your undergraduate studies.

 When reviewing Harvard University acceptance data, remember that the numbers are averages!Not everyone who gets into Harvard has her perfect GPA and MCAT. Below is the data of accepted students.

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What is HMS Transfer Acceptance Rate?

Of the approximately 1,500 students who apply to Harvard each year, only about 12 are accepted, and Harvard’s acceptance rate is less than 1%.

 Clearly, this number is very small. For this reason, before beginning the application process, students should ensure that they have the necessary qualifications to be considered a transfer student.

 Harvard University requires students to complete two full years of study at their home institution, so students wishing to transfer should consider how long they have been in their current or previous program.

 The exact requirements are that the student must be full-time and she must be enrolled in an educational institution for no more than two years and at least one full-time course participation. 

The type of training is important as well as the time and number of credits.

 Harvard University is passionate about providing its students with an Ivy League liberal arts education. 

Universities want to ensure that all students they accept have the tools to succeed in their programs, so students should transfer from schools with a similar curricular experience to Harvard.

 All of these are determined on a case-by-case basis as part of the admissions process.

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Is HMS hard to get into?

With an acceptance rate of just 2.7%, getting into Harvard Medical School is tough for even the best applicants. Below are the Harvard Medical School admission statistics for the class of 2025.




 While these stats are useful, they don’t answer everyone’s favorite question:

“How hard is it to get into Harvard Medical School?” 

To get a better sense of this, let’s review the academic data of admitted students.

Average Grade Point Average:3.9

 Average MCAT Score:519.46

 Before you throw your hands up in the air, consider that while Harvard’s average stats are pretty high, not all participants have his 3.9 GPA and 519 MCAT score. 

These are average scores, so students with low status are accepted in approximately the same number as students with high status. 

A strong extracurricular background and a systematic application approach increase your chances of a place at the university.

 To apply to Harvard Medical School, she must submit her MCAT scores from the last three years.

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Does HMS require test scores?

In order to respond to the query, “What are the requirements for Harvard?” To begin with, in order to even have a chance of getting into Harvard University, you will need very high SAT or ACT scores.

SAT Requirements 

When you look at some schools, they typically state that there is no cut-off score for their SAT requirements; however, this is not always the case. 

The typical SAT score required for admission to Harvard University is 1520. 

Accordingly, the 25th percentile of the New SAT score is 1460, while the 75th percentile is 1580, according to an analysis of the Harvard SAT score. 

Consequently, getting a 1460 puts you below the average SAT score required for admission to Harvard, while getting a 1580 puts you above average.

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ACT Requirements 

Similar to the SAT requirements, Harvard University said it has a cutoff point, but in reality, if you fall below the 75th percentile on the ACT exam, you will definitely have a hard time getting into Harvard.

 Also, poor ACT exam performance is considered an academic weakness, and Harvard does not recognize it.

 In ACT, the 25th percentile is 33 and the 75th percentile is 35.

 However, competitive schools like Harvard University aim for the 75th percentile on the SAT 1580 or ACT 35 to maximize your chances of admission.

 It also requires her GPA of 4.18 or above. A lower GPA should be compensated with a higher SAT/ACT score.

 Now that your question is answered, how do you get into Harvard? Let’s expand your opportunities even further by discussing popular study areas for Harvard students. 

It helps you make more informed decisions when you really want to know everything about what you do.

What are the Admission Requirements for HMS

So how do you stand out in the application process? Be sure to write her thoughtful AMCAS Personality Statement and Jobs and Activities section. 

You should also prioritize writing your Harvard secondary essay. Interestingly, Harvard’s secondary essay prompts are less specific, asking students to write about what they’ve been doing since they’ve already graduated and to explain important backgrounds and identities that have been discussed elsewhere. 

  •  June:Submit AMCAS application
  • July:Harvard begins sending her second application. Click here for Harvard Medical School Essay 2 prompts.
  • September:job interview begins
  • October 15th: AMCAS Final Deadline 
  •  October 22nd:Final Submission Deadline for Supplemental Materials
  • October 31:AMCAS Transcript Deadline
  • January:close interview
  • Early March:All Admissions Decisions Published
  • April 30:Accepted students wishing to enroll at HMS should select the ‘Enrollment Planning’ option in the ‘Select a Medical School’ tool on the AMCAS application.

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Transfer Requirements for HMS

When applying to Harvard University as an exchange student, you need to think ahead. Ideally he is over a year old.

 By the fall deadline when new applications begin, students will be asked to submit submissions, how much schooling they have received, whether their previous school curriculum is sufficiently similar to Harvard University, and whether their living conditions and academic performance are ideal. 

You should plan how you will contribute to becoming a candidate.

 A student must have no more than two full-time academic years at that school, but at least one full-time academic year at another school.

 If students meet these criteria, they can safely complete the application process by completing a joint or joint application.

 The application will be shared with the admissions office and will include demographic information, Harvard questions and supplemental essays, a $75 application fee (or waiver), optional SAT or ACT scores that the student wishes to add, and any additional information about Related. 

Once the application is completed and submitted, the required dean’s report, college and high school transcripts, and two letters of recommendation will be sent to the admissions office.

 Students will receive a confirmation email with the information they need to complete these assignments.

Finally, the most important thing to remember is her March 1st. All application documents must be received by this date. 

Otherwise, the student’s application will be rejected. This includes financial support!

 After everything is in place, students will have to wait until mid-May to hear about the decision.

Please note that if successful, transfer students can only start next fall semester, with no option to defer .

What GPA do you need to get into HMS

Even those who want to go to Harvard Medical School can ask about how to get into Harvard Medical School with a low GPA.

 I couldn’t apply to an Ivy League school, let alone Harvard, just because of my low GPA.

 These schools usually have minimum requirements when submitting an application, but this does not guarantee that you will be considered for admission to the school.

 Based on current students at Harvard, the average GPA that puts you closer to the exam is 4.18.

 Therefore, you are expected to be one of the best students in your class. On the other hand, if you are a high school junior or senior who plans to apply to Harvard University with a GPA below the average of 4.18.

 You can apply to Harvard University, but you need her higher SAT or ACT scores to make up.

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How to Apply to HMS

Everyone indulges in the euphoria of forgetting a few steps required before applying to Harvard Medical School.

 You don’t need to go ahead to apply to Harvard. If so, you are making a big mistake.

 Before applying to Harvard Medical School, all applicants must complete the medical school entrance exam.

 Regardless of how long it takes, you must meet one of the two exam deadlines. The Harvard Medical School entrance exam consists of three parts.

  •  The clinical and experimental section consists of 20 questions and 60 minute segments.
  • The Medical-Surgical and Other Subjects section has 20 questions and 45 minute segments.
  • Each test lasts 90 minutes. We encourage you to complete testing early. Usually he is from December 15th to March 15th. 

You will be notified of the test results after 4 weeks. For more information on medical school admissions, please contact the Admissions Office at Admissions@med.harvard.edu.

Alternative to HMS 

  • Boston college, chestnut hills 
  • Drexel university, Pennsylvania
  • Lafayette college, Easton
  • Buckner University, Lewisburg
  • Haverford college, Pennsylvania 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it easy to get into Harvard?

 It is well known that Harvard’s admissions process is highly competitive. Due to the fact that their acceptance rate is very low (4.7 – acceptance rate), which means that out of his 100 applicants at Harvard, only 5 are accepted.

Can I get into Harvard with a 2.0 GPA?

 Yes, GPA isn’t everything, but I’d be lying if I said a GPA of around 3.5 would give you a better chance. 2.0 is an unofficial limit for college admissions. Just because you go to an Ivy League school doesn’t mean you can go to a community college and graduate with better grades.

What is the minimum GPA accepted by Harvard?

 On average, you need a 4.18 GPA to increase your chances of getting into Harvard University. Otherwise, SAT or ACT scores are required. 

Does Harvard Medical School award scholarships to international students? 

 Yes! However, we recommend that you check other options as well. There are numerous international scholarship averages for medical students studying at Harvard Medical School. A list of international scholarships can be found here. Otherwise, SAT or ACT scores are required.

How hard is it to get into Harvard as an international student?

If you are an international student wishing to study at Harvard University, you know that high scores on standardized tests are mandatory for international students. SAT/ACT Scores – 1500+ on the SAT and 750+ out of 800 in each subject. Harvard University requires SAT1 and SAT2 scores. A score of 34+ on the ACT is required.

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It goes without saying that Harvard Medical School enjoys the luxury of choosing students from a top-notch pool of applicants. 

Consider applying if you have a stellar MCAT and GPA (517 and 3.8 or higher), or if your background includes any other exceptional circumstances. 

Make yourself a competitive applicant by doing everything in your power to improve your chances of admission to HMS, which is widely regarded as the best medical school in the nation.

These five traits appear to be shared by the majority of Harvard medical students, if not all of them. 

Although there isn’t a book that specifically explains how to get to Harvard Medical School, it can be helpful to look at the profiles of current students. 

I would use the word “unique” to sum up Harvard medical students if I had to. The five features that are listed here are actually based on this idea. Be distinct. 

Don’t just follow the other pre-med students’ lead; go above and beyond. Maybe one day you’ll be able to write a piece explaining how to get to HMS for others.


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