Harem God: Saviour of Realms Novel

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Harem God: Saviour of Realms Novel Summary

In the midst of the supreme deity’s blissful encounters with his harem, an unforeseen event occurred — his essence spilled into the realms. This ethereal essence dispersed throughout different realms, eventually congealing and forming what is now recognized as the orb of destiny. This mystical artifact possesses the extraordinary ability to elevate ordinary mortals into divine beings, granting them god-like power and influence.

Meanwhile, Renjiro, consumed by his lustful desires, pursued a young woman in an inappropriate manner, ultimately meeting an untimely demise. To his astonishment, Renjiro’s consciousness was transmigrated into the body of Zephyrus, a noble teenager residing in a completely different realm. Initially, Renjiro perceived this new world as a paradise, free from problems and complications. However, his perception quickly shatters as he discovers the hidden truths and challenges that await him.

Join Renjiro on his remarkable journey as he ventures into the uncharted territory of this unfamiliar realm, embracing the countless possibilities it offers. Will he overcome the obstacles that lie in his path and uncover the true destiny that awaits him within this enigmatic realm?

Harem God: Saviour of Realms Novel
Harem God: Saviour of Realms Novel

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