Harcum College Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admissions

If you want to enroll at Harcum College, your first factor to evaluate should be the Harcum College acceptance rate. This illustrates how rigorous and competitive the school’s criteria are. 

Harcum College acceptance rate is 87%. On average, 87 candidates are picked out of 100 total. This illustrates the poor level of selection at the school. 

The institution has stricter requirements for your GPA and SAT/ACT scores than other universities do. If you satisfy their criteria, you have a good chance of being accepted. 

For what it’s worth, you don’t want to be unprepared when applying to a university like Harcum College. 

When submitting an application to a school abroad, the Harcum college acceptance rate has always been a critical consideration. The acceptance rate is the proportion of students accepted by universities into a given course at a given time.

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What to Know about Haircum College in 2023?

An international academic institution, Harcum College welcomes applicants from all around the world. The institution has outperformed expectations in providing its students with outstanding academic achievements since it was founded in 1915. Private, non-profit Harcum College is situated in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. 

Over the course of its campus, which is located in a suburb, 1,343 students are enrolled. There are four semesters in the academic year. From Harcum College, just the associate degree is provided. The university accepts applications from all backgrounds and grants credit for prior education.

College graduates have made major contributions to the community in a variety of professions. Almost every subject is taught by a faculty member who helps students succeed in their chosen fields.

Out of 2,576 colleges and institutions across the country, Harcum College was placed 570th overall on Quality College Factual’s list of the Best Colleges of 2022. The best institutions in Pennsylvania also place Harcum College at number 43. In the rankings for 2022, the major with the highest ranking is Animal Health.

What is Harcum College Acceptance Rate in 2023?

Admission at Harcum College is a little challenging. Before determining who to accept and who to reject, Harcum College thoroughly assesses each application using a number of factors. 

Currently, Harcum College has an admittance rate of 87%, making it a very prestigious institution. 

Also, it’s important to remember that the total GPA of those who have registered is roughly 2.50. 314 out of the 485 applicants to Harcum College in 2021, or 65% of all applicants, were admitted. 

Harcum College, a school with a significantly higher acceptance rate, accepts up to 95% of candidates. The majority of selected candidates had ACT scores of around 19 and SAT scores of around 1000.

Is Harcum College Hard to Get into?

It can be a little challenging to get into Harcum College. When deciding who to admit and who to reject, Harcum College carefully considers each application in light of a number of factors. 314 of the 485 applicants to Harcum College in 2021—or 65% of the total—were accepted.

Harcum College, one of the more competitive schools, accepts up to 95% of applications. The average SAT and ACT score for admitted students was 1010 and 19, respectively. Admissions to most allied health programs, such as nursing, dental hygiene, and radiologic technology, are relatively challenging. 

Also, it can be a little challenging to get accepted as a transfer student.

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Does Harcum College Require Test Scores?

Harcum college use to require test scores to process admission in the past few years. Standardized examinations won’t be necessary for high school students applying to Harcum College’s degree programs in the spring or fall of 2021.

Harcum College SAT Requirements

900 on the old SAT, or a minimum score on the ACT. Critical Reading and Math alone, 980 Evidence-Based Reading/Writing and Math (New SAT), or a minimum Composite ACT score of 19 (old SAT).

Harcum College ACT Requirements 

Depending on the school, you may need a higher ACT score to increase your chances of admission. Generally, for your ACT score to positively affect your application, you should aim for at least the 75th percentile of that college. The majority of schools make their 25th and 75th percentile scores public. 

This method is based on the idea that if your ACT score is significantly higher than the average student score at the school, it will undoubtedly benefit you when your application is assessed. 

Keep in mind that if your score is higher than the school’s 75th percentile, you have performed better than at least 75 percent of the students who attend that school.

Also, your test results will be in line with those of current students, greatly increasing your chances of being admitted.

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What are the Admission Requirements for Harcum College in 2023?

The following documents are required of all potential students at Harcum College:

  • a completed application for Harcum College. 
  • Most people consider official transcripts to be proof of a high school diploma or its equivalent for the GED. 
  • certified copies of college transcripts (if applicable) (Requests for online transcripts) 
  • a writing sample or personal writings for review. 
  • letters of recommendation from your boss, professors, or guidance counselors. 
  • The following tests are available for students for whom English is a second language to determine their level of English proficiency: 
  • IELTS 5.5, DET 90, and TOEFL 61 for non-allied health majors 
  • IELTS 6.5, DET 105, and TOEFL 79 for majors in allied health 
  • A DET score of 110, an IELTS score of 6.5, and a TOEFL score of 87 are required for nursing majors. 

Applicants who have been out of high school for more than three years and have not taken the SAT may be asked to take a Harcum’s Accuplacer test before an admissions determination is made. Most Harcum students take the Accuplacer placement test at some point, often even before they enroll. 

It assists the College in determining the proper class level for accepted students as well as an applicant’s suitability for specific programs. 

It includes English, Math, and reading comprehension questions. In order to be admitted to a particular program, several of Harcum’s majors include additional criteria, prerequisite courses, and the grades that students must have earned in those courses.

What are the Transfer Requirements for Harcum College?

Transfer students are accepted into Harcum College in considerable numbers each year. Although they have a broad transfer credit policy, there are still crucial requirements.

  • Official transcripts from each college attended are needed of all candidates requesting transfer credit. 
  • A course must have been successfully completed with a grade of “C” or higher and be closely related to the student’s course of study in order to be accepted for transfer. 
  • The last ten years’ worth of required math, science, and computer courses may be accepted for transfer credit. There is no transferability expiration for any other courses. 
  • A maximum of 30 credits from official college transcripts, CLEP, AP, ACE, and CDA creditionals may be transferred into Harcum College for the majority of programs. The Associate Registrar at Harcum College should be contacted with any inquiries regarding these credits.
  • The range of core courses the student must take to earn the Associate’s degree can be trimmed down by transferring comparable core curriculum courses into Harcum College. The program director will decide whether to evaluate and award credit for program-specific courses. 
  • Please contact an enrollment counselor with any inquiries you may have regarding the application procedure and particular Harcum degree programs. Please contact the relevant program director with any questions you may have regarding credit for life and career experience.

Simply provide all previous coursework’s official transcripts as part of the application process. Your transcripts will be assessed for appropriate transfer credits once you’ve been admitted to a Harcum College degree program. 

With your acceptance materials, a copy of the official transfer evaluation will be provided.

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What GPA Do You Need to Get Into Harcum College?

Your high school grade point average (GPA) is a figure that represents how well you did academically in high school. Colleges may take into account either a weighted GPA or an unweighted GPA. 

The average of your four-point grades in each class makes up your unweighted GPA. 4.0. Unweighted GPAs are between 4.0 and less than 1.0. A weighted GPA takes into account both your overall course grade average and your average grade. By awarding additional points for honors or Advanced Placement courses, a weighted GPA raises your average. 

In addition, the unweighted GPA of applicants at Harcum College is 2.5 on average. ACT or SAT scores are taken into account by Harcum College throughout the admissions process. 

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How to Apply to Harcum College

The Admissions Committee evaluates each application file as soon as it is complete since Harcum College has a rolling admissions policy. Within 10 working days, applicants will be informed of the outcome and any entrance requirements. To guarantee admission to the program of choice, prospective students are recommended to submit their applications as early as feasible. 

Also, there is no discrimination in the processing of applications based on veteran status, marriage status, parental status, age, national origin, or any other factor including race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. 

  • Apply online by filling out the form. 
  • Print the application, then mail it.

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Alternatives to Harcum College

  • Manor College
  • Bryn Mawr college 
  • Rosemont College

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Harcum College accept Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) credits?

Harcum College accepts International Baccalaureate credits (IB) credits.

Do I have to submit test scores to Harcum College?

Harcum College is not test optional. You must submit test scores as part of the application.

What is Harcum College Tuition Fees?

Doing a full-time enrollment entails taking 12–18 credits, or $13,920 per semester or $27,840 annually. It excludes reading materials and supplies. For a part-timer, it is 11 or fewer credits which amount to $890/credit which does not include books and supplies.

Is Financial Aid Available in Harcum College?

Harcum College awards money, prizes, and financial aid based on recipients’ achievements and needs. These fall under the category of “gift aid,” and the student is not required to pay them back. Please visit www.harcum.edu/scholarships to view our current list of awards. If they so choose, students may also apply for private scholarships.


Students are welcome to submit an application at any time of the year because Harcum College accepts applications on a rolling basis. Harcum College offers more than 200 undergraduate courses, 100 graduate courses, and various research degree programs through its faculties or schools.



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