Handsome Huit Novel by Princess-Treasure Chuks

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Handsome Huit Novel Summary.

Synopsis:- Handsome Huit. Blossom Chuks was an introverted teenager who became neighbors with eight popular boys from her school, popularly known as ‘The Handsome Huit’.

Handsome, Rich, Smart and having daring personalities, the boys easily got girls falling at their feet but where surprised when Blossom didn’t seem to care about their popularity and deemed them picky.

Unlike her sister, Dana, that was ready to throw herself at their feet, Blossom was honestly excited of the chance but knew bad rich boys didn’t bother with nerdy calm girls like her.

But she was wrong! The boys had different persona out of school and within the neighborhood and easily won Blossom’s likeness for them.

Soon she found herself being friends and maybe too close with them. But being friends with the popular boys had lots of disadvantages.

The divas that wanted them, the boys who hated them and she trying to share her attention amongst all of them. Could she keep her friendship with all of them without making any feel left out?

Could they all remain friends without love squabbles coming in? Could they really be genuinely friends with her?

Or are they really bad boys that were dared to make her like them? Oh and what if she and her sister gets entangled in an awkward love-decagon! Let the reading begin!.

Handsome Huit Novel by Princess-Treasure Chuks
Handsome Huit Novel by Princess-Treasure Chuks

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