Hampshire College Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admissions 

Hampshire College’s acceptance rate is 62.8%. 63 out of every 100 applications are chosen. This implies that the school has a modest level of selection. The school will set the expected GPA, and SAT/ACT score requirements. 

You’ll almost probably get an offer of admission if you match their prerequisites. But if you don’t meet the requirements for Hampshire College, you’ll be one of the unfortunate ones who gets rejected. 

The impressive student-to-faculty ratio at Hampshire College is 9 to 1. This is substantially better than the national average of 15 to 1. 

Due to the likelihood of many classes being small, students will have plenty of chances to collaborate closely with their teachers and peers while considering the Hampshire College acceptance rate.

This article describes the Hampshire College acceptance rate coupled with the requirements, scores and admission process required to be a unique choice in Hampshire College.

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What to know about Hampshire College in 2023?

Hampshire College is a private liberal arts college with a 62.8% acceptance rate for the upcoming academic year. 

Note: Hampshire is anticipated to return to a more usual acceptance percentage of roughly 65% in 2020 due to administrative adjustments. 

With a focus on qualitative rather than quantitative evaluation and student-led major design in collaboration with academic advisors, Hampshire is renowned for its novel approach to undergraduate education. 

The other colleges in the five-college consortium—Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, Amherst College, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst—can be used to supplement Hampshire’s educational offerings.

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What Is Hampshire College Acceptance Rate in 2023?

The acceptance rate at Hampshire College is 62.8%, which translates to 63 acceptances out of every 100 applications. The acceptance percentage has varied dramatically over the last ten years, going from an average of 68% to as low as 59%. 

Because of the school’s somewhat strict admissions policy, candidates with ordinary to higher GPAs and test scores have a better chance of being accepted. 

Although academic achievement is a requirement for admission, other elements, including courses, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, and personal statements, will also affect the likelihood that a candidate will be accepted.

Hampshire College does not consider the acceptance rate a key metric for measuring a school’s performance. Every student accepted to Hampshire College has been chosen based on their potential for academic success, even though the most prominent colleges compete for the lowest admittance rates. 

Hampshire College shows its ability to admit students who are a good match for college by having a freshman-to-sophomore retention rate of 87% compared to the national average of 81%. Hampshire College’s acceptance rate is quite considerate of the applicants.

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Hampshire College Transfer Acceptance Rate in 2023

48.53% of transfer applications are accepted by Hampshire College, which is a competitive rate. Your current GPA must be at least 3.63 to be eligible to transfer to Hampshire College; ideally, it will be close to 3.78. You will also have to submit the results of any standardized tests. Hampshire College’s acceptance rate is quite considerate of the applicants.

Transfer applicants may apply for admission to Hampshire College in the fall or spring. Applications are evaluated based on the student’s high school and college grades. 

If a student earns a C- or higher in college-level coursework at a school with regional accreditation, they are typically granted transfer credit. Hampshire College reserves the authority to not grant transfer credit for courses considered ineligible and grades each course separately.

The website of the Office of the Registrar has more details about credit transfers and articulation agreements.

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Is It Difficult to Get Into Hampshire College?

Hampshire’s acceptance rate is 62.8%. Massachusetts has the 25th-lowest acceptance rate. Hampshire is a more difficult institution for qualified applicants to get into, with a fair possibility of acceptance. 4,798 of the 8,298 applicants who applied last year were accepted. 

Students who score in the top 22 per cent on the SAT and ACT (SAT 1180/1360; ACT 26/31) get admitted to the school due to its extremely strict admissions requirements. Hampshire College’s acceptance rate is quite considerate of the applicants.

With an average GPA of roughly 3.75 and a “A-” average in high school, Hampshire College consistently accepts and draws these students. Most first-year students graduate in the top 25% of their high school class. Of those accepted, 20% choose to enrol in the university. 

The application deadline is January 7, and there is a $75 application fee for Hampshire.

Does Hampshire College Require Test Scores in 2023? 

The acceptance rate at Hampshire College for the 2018–19 admissions cycle was 62.8%. As a result, only 63 out of every 100 applicants were accepted, making Hampshire’s admissions procedure very competitive. 

Remember that Hampshire has historically had an admission rate of about 65%. The school, however, decided to cap the number of admitted students in 2019. 

Since then, Hampshire has made administrative adjustments and benefited from alumni assistance; normal admission procedures are anticipated to resume in 2020.

Standardized test results are not considered when deciding who gets into Hampshire College. In contrast to most test-optional universities, the school has a “test blind” admissions policy, meaning applicants will not be admitted based on their performance on standardized tests. 

Hampshire College does not disclose the GPAs of admitted students.

Admission Requirements for Hampshire College 

Hampshire College chooses international students based on recommendations from their home universities. However, the following are the primary requirements for applicants to the business school: 

  • Any applicant for a Hampshire business course must have completed at least four years of English, three years of laboratory science, four years of mathematics, three years of social science, and three years of a foreign language. 
  •  The senior grade rating will be kept confidential for A-level candidates and international students. Those waiting for their final grades at admission might contact the university’s admission department. A recommendation from the applicant’s guidance counsellor can also help.
  •  Application standards for graduate admissions vary depending on the program. Typically, applicants must have earned a bachelor’s degree (US equivalent). Scores on the GMAT or GRE may be necessary. On the different course sites, you can find more special criteria. 

Transcripts from every high school or university attended, including current grade history, are required of international applicants. Hampshire College’s acceptance rate is quite considerate of the applicants. Students may submit their mid-year grades if the most recent grades are not available at the time of application. Other documents that are needed are: 

  • English language proof 
  •  Report of GRE, GMAT, or SAT/ACT scores 
  •  Photocopies of passports 
  •  Resume Letters of the Recommendation Application essay (LORs) 
  •  financial records

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How can you Apply to Hampshire College?

About 96 core and 70 elective courses and graduate programs in business and accounting, communications, exercise and sports science, human performance, and music are available to overseas students at the institute. 

The following are some crucial considerations to bear in mind when applying to this esteemed US educational institution: 

Undergraduate international students must submit their applications through the Common App website. 

Graduate applicants must submit a $40 non-refundable application fee through the Hampshire College Graduate Admissions Portal. 

Admission forms are available for the fall, spring, and winter semesters at Hampshire College.

First-time applicants to the program can include their SAT or ACT results, which are optional but can help their application stand out. 

Graduate students can send or email unofficial documents. 

The Hampshire College Scholarship, the Park Scholar Program, and another merit- and need-based foreign scholarships are available to international students. Hampshire College acceptance rate is quite considerate of the applicants.

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What are the Alternatives to Hampshire College?


With a 62.8% acceptance rate, Hampshire College acceptance rate might be considered selective. Even if it is the institution of your choice, make sure this is not the only place you apply. How you compare to other applicants will greatly impact whether you are accepted or not. 

The applicants must still have competitive test scores and grade point averages despite the comparatively high acceptance rate at Hampshire College. 

Given the average GPA of 3.33 for the incoming class of 2023, admittance calls for applicants who have demonstrated above-average academic accomplishment. Hampshire College’s acceptance rate is quite considerate of the applicants.

Candidates who enrol in a demanding course load show that they can handle the demands of college courses. The admissions committee also considers a student’s class rank. Good luck on your way to Hampshire College.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is SAT or ACT preferred by Hampshire College? 

83% of students give Hampshire their SAT results. When applying, 26% of applicants include their ACT scores. 

How likely am I to be admitted to Hampshire College? 

Admission to Hampshire is granted to 58% of applicants. The college has highly strict admission requirements, although there is little admissions competition. Check to see if you have the grades and scores required for admission. 

What SAT score is necessary for admission to Hampshire College? 

The median SAT score for admitted candidates is between 1180 and 1360. When applying, 83% of students include their SAT results. Check to see if your SAT score qualifies you for admission. 

What ACT score is necessary for Hampshire College?

The center 50% of admitted candidates had ACT scores in the 26–31 range. When applying, 26% of students include their ACT results. Check to see if your ACT score qualifies you for admission.


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