Halo of Infinite Code Novel

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Halo of Infinite Code Novel Summary

After enduring inhuman torture and experiments to remove the brain limiter, Azkar Oblivion died. He woke up in a world where humans possessed superpowers and the world heading towards apocalypse.

In this story, our protagonist, Azkar, is creating his way towards his goal to free himself from everything and wants to see everything in existence like he’s reading a story. This is the goal he aims to achieve in his second life, having been literally broken from the experiment, seeing reality as numerical data.

In Azkar’s eyes, everything can be two things: first, Loot, Yes! he views his enemies as a source of loot, and second, numerical data. Yes, he thinks very nobly because he sees everything as numerical data. Thus, he believes in equality at a higher level, where every living being is equal in his eyes, regardless of what they look like or what species they are from.

Halo of Infinite Code Novel
Halo of Infinite Code Novel

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