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Does Gym Have a Student Discount? | How to Get Student Discounts in Gym

You want to save money anywhere you can as a college student. For college students, the majority of gyms provide gym student discounts so you may save money while staying in shape. Based on our research, the 5 best gyms for college students are Gold’s Gym, World Gym, Anytime Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness and YMCA. 


When you are a college student, it can be quite tough to commit to such a large investment when you could be using the money for textbooks and other necessities. A costly gym membership will just make you feel guilty for spending so much money, and that is not how you should begin your road to a better you. That is why we have a gym student discount. 

The majority of college students must live on a tight budget without receiving a full-time salary due to the high cost of tuition and their obligations to their studies. Thankfully, a lot of gyms in America offer gym student discounts to university students!

What to Know about Gym Student Discounts?

The Gym offers a 10% discount to college students in the United States. Students at universities in the UK, Canada, and Australia may also take advantage of this offer. 

Your application’s confirmation of your student status is the only requirement for receiving this offer. Visit their website to receive your discount if you are currently enrolled in a college or university. 

After their third-party partner’s successful validation, you will be given the Gym student discount code. Additionally, they offer a few discount codes for gyms and affiliate programs. 

US retailers still permit in-store transactions with discount codes even while students from other countries are entitled to the gym student discount.

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Does Gym Have a Student Discount in 2023?

Yes, some creation gyms have student discounts to make life easier for students while trying to keep fit. The Gym Group is a great option for students looking for a gym to exercise in. 

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When you are a college student, it can be quite tough to commit to such a large investment when you could be using the money for textbooks and other necessities. Investing in a pricey gym membership simply leads to guilt about the amount of money spent, and that is no way to begin the path to a healthy you. I’m here to assist with this.

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How Do I Get a Gym Student Discount Card in 2023?

Whether you genuinely want to keep fit and healthy, or you’re just in it for the Insta fodder, here’s how to bag your gym membership or card for less.

For £119, students can join The Gym Group for a nine-month period. Your location will affect the price. 

Although you won’t be able to access all of their locations with the Gym student membership, you will be able to visit any two of them. If you want to join a gym at both your house and your university, this is the best option.

Look no further than TOTUM to assist you in achieving both a healthy body and a healthy mind. With tons of fantastic discounts on fitness programs, nutritional supplements, gym memberships, and much more, TOTUM will get you on the road to your peak self while also saving you some money!

The gym uses the TOTUM card to provide discounts for students. TOTUM is an all-in-one student discount card, ID that serves as evidence of age, and app that offers a ton of discounts on popular brands, groceries, technology, travel, home delivery, as well as apparel, cosmetics, and other products. 

You can get all the best student discounts, coupons, and coupons with the TOTUM card and phone app. Visit the TOTUM website to learn more. The card usually costs £14.99. 

The only ID and discount card recommended by the National Union of Students is TOTUM. 

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Enter your student email after downloading the app to get a unique TOTUM code that you can use to sign up for your own membership on the TOTUM website and get your own card.

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Do Gym Student Discount Members Get Discounts Online in 2023?

According to Kufahl, you might be able to find membership discounts or savings on classes online, on a gym’s website, or through sites like Groupon. Work out an agreement. Instead of speaking with a salesperson while deciding which club to join, ask to talk with the manager. Managers have a better chance of obtaining a lower gym membership cost for you and making the gym student discount readily available for you as far as you provide student verification. 

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Is a Gym Student Membership Worth it?

You receive additional perks with your student gym membership in addition to everything you might anticipate from a leisure center gym membership, such as access to the gym and swimming pool. This also gives you access to our enormous selection of group fitness classes. For only a nominal monthly fee, you may gain access to our excellent Everyone On Demand suite of fitness apps. 

This means that in addition to exercising in our centers, you can continue to do so at home or when you’re out and about. So yes, a Gym student membership is worth every penny. 

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Gym Student Discounts, Promo Codes and Coupon Codes. 

Depending on the gym you decide to belong to, the promo codes, student discounts, and coupon codes vary largely. Various gyms have different offers they provide. You can check the following gyms alongside their gym student discounts, promo, and coupon codes. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Gym Check if You are a Student?

You must be able to verify your eligibility for a Student Membership. When using one of the gyms included in your Student Membership, we require that you provide identification that demonstrates your status as a student (such as a student ID card). We have the right to conduct ID spot checks at any moment to verify your status. 

How Can I Cancel My Student Gym Membership?

Once on a monthly Direct Debit, you can cancel at any point and without further cost; for your full cancellation rights please refer to “Ending your Membership” in our main Membership Agreement

At What Age Can Students Start to Use the Gym?

For solo usage of the gym, a child must be 16 years old or older. Those between the ages of 14 and 15 may use the gym as long as their parent or legal guardian is a member, they have a 14- to 15-year membership, and they have successfully completed a fitness orientation.

How Do I Verify my Student Status in the Gum to Make Me eligible for Gym Student Discount?  

Producing an original copy of your student ID when signing a contract and a certified copy of your student ID for record-keeping purposes are the best and most effective ways to prove that you are a college student. 
However, it is imperative to confirm that the gym you intend to join for a student discount membership recognizes your higher-learning institution or college. Therefore, before signing any agreements, you should consult the management.

Is the gym student discount free?

Some gyms offer a free or low-cost membership for students, while others take a percentage off the gym fee to make it easier for students to participate. 


Even though some gyms don’t offer any student discounts at all, their usual membership fees are still reasonable enough that you might want to think about getting a plan. 

You’ll need to decide whether you can afford a subscription to get the gym student discount offers at some gyms because their student discounts are still quite expensive.


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