GRE Writing Example: Learn from the Best

Are you getting ready for the GRE? Check out the GRE writing examples in this detailed guide to learn more. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test will probably be compulsory if you apply to graduate school.

The verbal reasoning, analytical writing, critical thinking, and quantitative reasoning portions of the test are all evaluated. It consists of numerous sections, but the writing section calls for the test-taker to finish two essays with marginally different subjects and themes.

If you want to pursue a career in business after graduation or if you want to attend law school, you might need to take the GRE.

If you do not have a school in mind yet, taking the GRE will prepare you to submit an application to the institution you decide on.

GRE® Essay Sections

There are two elements to this Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section:

  1. Issue essays
  2. Argument essays

Aim of the Essay Sections in GRE

It is there to check the following:

  1. Communicate complex ideas clearly and effectively.
  2. Back ideas with pertinent justifications and examples
  3. Examine assertions and supporting evidence.
  4. Keep your argument focused and eloquent.
  5. Possess a command of the elements of British English.

The GRE® essay’s format has been there to measure your ability to develop a strong thesis statement that you can defend in several paragraphs.

Rules of GRE® Essay Sections

The following are rules you must follow when you are taking the GRE® Essay Sections

  1. Each section of the assignment has a 30-minute time limit. The test’s layout prevents you from skipping the first section and returning to it later.
  2. You are to evaluate your critical thinking skills on the GRE® Essay.
  3. The statement is typically somewhat general.
  4. Your score will be based on your capacity to debate the subject from your point of view and use analytical reasoning.
  5. You must cite relevant examples and evidence to support your position and format your response per the task’s exact requirements.
  6. Without first reading pertinent GRE® sample essays, it is challenging to comprehend the demands of this work.

How to use this Guide for AWA Passage Writing

The following is the sole aim of this guide in your quest to pass the GRE

  1. You can use this advice in two ways to enhance your essay and become an expert at essay grading.
  2. Check out some of these sample essays to start.
  3. Remember that reading through these samples will aid you in understanding sentence forms, body paragraphs, etc. When composing your test, you should never contemplate copying and pasting direct sentences because of plagiarism.
  4. Utilize the tips in the manual to provide details that will showcase your perspective on the subject.
  5. Utilizing this guide’s secondary goal of helping you improve your writing skills in conjunction with essay grading.
  6. To maximize your score, focus on the most challenging component before moving on to the rubrics for the Issue and Argument Tasks.
  7. The goal is to pinpoint the areas that provide you the most difficulty. You can overcome these challenges by doing enough GRE® prep work and studying professional essay samples and responses.

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GRE Analytical Writing – GRE AWA Topics (Issue essays)

Issue essays are part of the GRE test, let us take a look at some GRE writing examples:

GRE Writing Examples: Learn from the Best
GRE Writing Examples: Learn from the Best

GRE Writing Example 1

Even though it is a subjective activity, learning about the past involves imagination.

Because we can never know the past directly, we must reconstruct it by imaginatively interpreting historical accounts, documents, and artifacts.

Explain your agreement or disagreement with the assertion and the logic supporting it in your response.

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Response to GRE Writing Example 1

The historical evidence is not uncovered chronologically in any way. Consequently, determining when the events may have occurred becomes challenging. Additionally, the excavation cannot provide specific information on the history of the artifacts discovered there.

People in prehistoric times, when written records were uncommon, yearned for visual depictions of happenings in caves. Understanding the graphic language and figuring out what might have happened undoubtedly demands imagination.

Countless pieces of historical evidence are in school textbooks. It takes more than merely reading about history to understand it. In schools, studying history as a topic engages students’ imaginations and gets them thinking about living during that era.

History teaches kids to imagine and think from the beginning of school. Therefore, it is necessary to connect the dots between the events that have a place and create a narrative that might accurately reflect history.

Historians generally find, gather, arrange, and present data concerning historical events. They learn or obtain this information from archaeological findings, historical writings, etc.

They compile the data and relate the events in time order. To relate those instances with one another, one must thoroughly comprehend the facts. 

In conclusion, understanding the historical data takes a lot of imagination and ingenuity. We should be grateful to historians who thoroughly examine all the available data and evidence before creating a coherent narrative to aid ordinary people in better-comprehending history. 

GRE Essay Rating: This piece receives a rating of 4.5 Because:

The essay offers a thoughtful study of the provided argument supported by strong arguments. Where necessary, the analysis is backed up with pertinent examples to communicate the main point properly.

The core of the analysis is well explained in the article. The article draws attention to the employment bias, demonstrating a thorough comprehension of the contention and problem.

GRE Writing Example 2

Those in positions of authority ought to force to leave after five years in any profession – business, politics, education, or government.

Write a response in which you discuss your views on the policy and explain your reasoning for your position. In developing and supporting your position, you should consider the possible consequences of implementing the policy and explain how these consequences shape your position.

Response to GRE Writing Example 2

The claim makes it clear that persons in positions of authority, whether in business, politics, education, government, or any other area, should leave their positions after five years. The strongest argument is that rejuvenation under new leadership is the surest road to success for any organization or industry.

Most people in positions of power are prone to developing a hunger for power over time. They will probably grow more autocratic in running their affairs if they have long tenures.

Additionally, if the power bestowed upon them results in diminished accountability or even reduced fear of it, it could cause them to abuse their position of authority.

Meanwhile, installing new leaders could, regrettably, permanently lose any valuable lessons the outgoing leader may have picked up during their term.

Near the end of their term, this individual might be performing at the pinnacle of their abilities, and removing them would mean losing a valuable leader and piece of experience.

To wrap up this essay, we’d want to present one more argument—or, if you prefer, food for thought. Is it certain that the new leader, will not lack the necessary expertise to run an organization (which hinders the success of the said organization) once a person in authority is no more?

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GRE Essay Rating – This Piece Receives a Rating of 5.5 since: 

The essay uses appropriate words to give a believable description of the main subject. It demonstrates effective word choice and an organized progression of thoughts.

The essay offers a perceptive examination of the issue and recommends counseling as a possible solution to deal with teens’ harmful habits. Visit GRE Essay themes with Answers for more themes.

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GRE Writing Example 3

The best way to evaluate an argument is to see if it can persuade someone with a different opinion.

Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning for the position you take.

In developing and supporting your position, you should consider how the statement might or might not hold and explain how these considerations shape your position.

Response for GRE Writing Example 3

In our daily lives, we encounter many different situations requiring us to make crucial judgments. While some of these choices turn out well, others may not, and we are responsible for those mistakes. Making a decision demands concrete thinking, no matter what.

But mistakes can still happen, and the best way to fix them is to examine the counterargument to the assumptions we made when we decided to question.

Others may applaud some of our choices, while others may criticize them. Any decision is only legitimate if it has okay, especially considering potential negative outcomes.

If we consider the situation that contradicts our beliefs and address the issues it brings up, the risk of making a bad choice will greatly decrease. Additionally, it would be a lot easier to defend our decision.

This leads to questions about a new hypothesis explaining the particle nature of light by analyzing the opposing viewpoint. When Einstein and Plank supported two contradictory theories, this gave rise to the current theory of light.

As a result, it is clear that addressing opposing viewpoints while attempting to defend one’s position is an excellent test for determining the integrity of any argument.

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GRE Essay Rating: This Piece Receives a Rating of 4.5 since:

The essay offers a thoughtful study of the provided argument supported by strong arguments. Where necessary, the analysis is backed up with pertinent examples to communicate the main point properly.

The core of the analysis is in the article. The article draws attention to the employment bias, demonstrating a thorough comprehension of the contention and problem. 

GRE Essay Topics to Analyze an Argument (Argument essays)

Analyze an Argument This up the second portion of the GRE Analytical Writing or GRE essay subject. The argument analysis subjects listed below are in the pool below.

Candidates must respond to any of the GRE essay subjects assigned to them, in which they must examine a paragraph-long argument from a list of issue issues.

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They are not under any obligation to offer their own opinions on the subject of the dispute, though.

GRE Writing Examples: Learn from the Best
GRE Writing Examples: Learn from the Best

Candidates must determine whether it follows logically and then assess it properly. The GRE Writing Example and GRE argument essay examples are presented below for the convenience of test candidates. 

GRE Writing Example 4

The following paragraph is from a newspaper story in Dillton.

“To bring new jobs to Dillton and stimulate the city’s flagging economy, Dillton’s city council voted last year to lower the city’s corporate tax rate by 15 percent; at the same time, the city began offering generous relocation grants to any company that would move to Dillion.

Since these changes were enacted, two new factories have opened in Dillion. Although the two factories employ more than 1,000 people, the unemployment rate in Dillton remains unchanged. The only clear explanation is that the new factories are with out-of-town workers rather than Dillton residents.”

Describe one or more counterarguments to the one made in your response, and then explain how your explanation or explanations may plausibly account for the information presented in the argument.

Response to GRE Writing Example 4

The article details Dillon Council’s actions to reduce company tax by 15% to create jobs and boost the town’s struggling economy.

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The author did not disclose the amount of tax relief provided to businesses. The tax relief may not be very significant if you compare it with the tax breaks offered by other regions to entice firms and companies.

The corporation tax break of 15% might not have been reasonable for many businesses in some cases, which prevented them from seeing Dillton as a desirable location for their operations. Due to this, relatively few businesses were able to establish themselves there. 

Additionally, the awards did not entice them to move to the area enough, which may even indicate that the council’s efforts to draw in investment were insufficient. 

The author asserts that even after the two businesses began operations and hired more than 1,000 workers, the unemployment rate in the area remained unchanged.

Additionally, the local government might have helped the job seekers in the area find employment to some extent by giving them access to enough training and career development possibilities.

GRE Essay Rating – This Piece Receives a Rating of 4.5 Because:

The essay offers a thoughtful study of the provided argument supported by strong arguments. Where necessary, the analysis has pertinent examples to communicate the main point properly.

The core of the analysis is in the article. The article draws attention to the employment bias, demonstrating a thorough comprehension of the contention and problem. 

GRE Writing Example 5

This was written for a health bulletin.

“Nosinia is a herb that many users report as effective as prescription medications at fighting allergy symptoms. Researchers recently compared Nosinia to a placebo in 95 men and women with seasonal allergies to ragweed pollen.

Participants in the study reported that neither Nosinia nor the placebo offered significant relief.

However, for the most severe allergy symptoms, the researchers reported that Nosinia was more effective than the placebo in providing relief.

Furthermore, at the end of the study, participants given Nosinia were likelier than participants given a placebo to report feeling healthier. We, therefore, recommend using Nosinia to help with your severe allergy symptoms.”

Address the problems that would need to be handled to decide whether the advice and the reasoning behind it are reasonable in your response. Explain how your recommendation might be evaluated using the answers to these questions. 

Response to GRE Writing Example 5

The author concludes that the herb “Nosinia” is superior to any “placebo” for treating seasonal allergies to ragweed pollen. He reaches this conclusion after studying 95 men and women who suffer from the aforementioned seasonal allergy.

Additionally, patients who received Nosinia reported feeling better than those who received placebos. So, the derivation mentioned above is successful.

The argument seems to be perfect. But as we read it again, we notice that several ambiguous derivations don’t support the conclusion.

The author uses a study that solely specifies the population’s size to support his claim. Regarding these people’s ages or general health, there is no evidence.

The next sentence informs the reader that Nosinia relieved people with severe allergies. The concern in this situation is whether information is available on the number of people with an extreme version of the allergy.

Nosinia might have only been given to one patient, and he already displayed a glimmer of recovery. Such circumstances cannot be used as a criterion to support the administration of the required Nosinia. In this case, the derivation is disputed where precise detail is not provided.

Furthermore, the methodology used to determine the allergy’s severity is debatable. A scale should have been used, and the author should have specified the symptoms that demonstrated the allergy’s severe severity.

Only then will the readers of the extract be able to identify with it and find the piece helpful; otherwise, it will just be another flawed article.

One must give thorough information about the research while making claims about a medication used to treat allergies, which can occur in mild and severe forms, to help persons experiencing them or gather knowledge about illnesses in general and their complementary therapies.

GRE Essay Rating – This report receives a 5.0 because:

The study is well-organized and has an influential flow of analysis points. A significant finding that demonstrates strong analytical proficiency is the absence of information regarding a patient’s medical history. The analysis’s key premise is well-stated and presented logically.

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What is the Scoring System for the GRE Analytical Writing Section?

Although there are two essays in the GRE Analytical Writing section, they are not given separate scores.

You will receive scores for both of your writings that range from 0 to 6 in 5-point increments. Most students can write down anything sensible. Hence nearly no one gets a score lower than 2-2.5.

However, a score of 4 or higher is considered an excellent score for this section (read graders’ comments on essays with a score of 4 and above while reviewing the GRE sample essays on the ETS website).

Additionally, your GRE Analytical Writing Score will be reported separately from your GRE overall score, including the Verbal and Quantitative reports.

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What Criteria Do Graders Use?

Although the Issue and Argument essays appear to be similar, the grading process for each differs. In the “Analyze an Issue” task, they check to see if a student-

  1. Creates a clear, well-considered view of the subject
  2. Develops persuasive justifications and instances to back up the position
  3. Possesses the ability to maintain a well-focused, ordered analysis while integrating ideas logically.
  4. uses a variety of excellent words and sentences to communicate thoughts

As you can see, the basic premise is still very apparent: the graders are searching for students who can use strong terminology, make clear decisions, and explain themselves coherently.

How can I prepare for the Analytical Writing Section of the GRE?

Here is a step-by-step guide to preparing for the GRE Analytical Writing section, along with some advice:

  1. Pick any GRE writing example, and then respond to it.
  2. Examine the GRE writing example for the question to estimate your potential score.
  3. Find out what went wrong by reading the graders’ remarks on these GRE example essays.
  4. Write a different essay.
  5. Repeat this on a loop until you believe you have attained the desired score.


Is a GRE writing score of 4.5 good?

Whatever program you’re applying to, we’d say a respectable AWA score is between 4.5 and 5.0. 5.5 to 6.0 is considered to be great, whereas 3.5 to 4.0 is considered to be average.

What type of writing is on the GRE?

You will be required to write two essays for the GRE: an Issue essay and an Argument essay.

How do you start a GRE essay?

Start your essay by briefly restating the topic you were given, then state your viewpoint in a single sentence (this is your thesis). Next, introduce in one phrase the clear justifications or illustrations you intend to use for each of the following three paragraphs.

Can I skip writing in GRE?

Most GRE test takers will likely respond “no” to this question. Most graduate institutions require all of the GRE, not just selected sections, for applicants submitting GRE scores. Therefore, you should not skip AWA unless your targeted programs specifically say that they don’t take GRE Writing scores into account.

What is the lowest GRE essay score?

Scores on the GRE’s Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections can range from 130 to 170. At the same time, Analytical Writing Assessment uses a scale from 1 to 6. Therefore, the required GRE minimum AWA score ranges from 1-6.


In conclusion, the GRE Writing example serves as a fantastic resource for you to sharpen your analytical and communication abilities. It’s an opportunity to showcase your critical thinking skills, as well as your ability to structure and articulate your thoughts effectively under time constraints.

By practicing with GRE Writing examples, you’ll boost your confidence and greatly improve your chances of excelling in both academic and professional endeavors.


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