GRE Analytical Writing Examples: GRE Analytical Writing Made Easier

GRE Analytical Writing is a section of the GRE test where students show their English proficiency. In this section of the exam, GRE presents you with an essay or a statement within a specified context and asks you to analyze and draw a conclusion.

In this article, we shall discuss Analytical Writing in GRE, examine great analytical writing examples, and draw inferences from them. 

What is Analytical Writing in GRE

Analytical Writing is one of the essay components of the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) that evaluates your ability to express your thoughts effectively and analyze complex arguments. You’ll have two tasks in this section: analyzing an issue and an argument.

For the issue task, you’ll need to examine and present your perspective on a given topic critically. On the other hand, the argument task requires you to deconstruct and evaluate an argument provided to you.

It’s important to structure your response logically, present strong arguments, and provide supporting evidence to back your claims.

Remember, this section assesses your writing skills and ability to think critically and express ideas clearly. So, take a deep breath, gather your thoughts, and let your analytical writing prowess shine. You’ve got this!

What is Analytical Writing Essay?

The GRE Analytical Writing essay is a section where you’ll write two essays: an “issue” task and an “argument” task.

The issue task requires you to express your viewpoint on a broad topic, while the argument task focuses on evaluating given arguments. Your essays should be well-organized, clear, and supported by reasoning and evidence.

This section assesses your critical thinking and communication skills, rather than specific knowledge. Take your time to read the prompts carefully, plan your essays, and express your thoughts effectively. With practice, you’ll become more comfortable navigating the GRE Analytical Writing essays.

Is Analytical Writing Important in GRE

While all sections of the GRE are essential, Analytical Writing holds a unique significance. It’s not just about showcasing your writing abilities; it also tests your critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and persuasive skills.

Admissions committees often view strong analytical writing skills as a reflection of your potential for success in graduate-level studies.

The Analytical Writing section also allows you to demonstrate your ability to formulate and articulate complex arguments, which is vital in various academic and professional settings.

So, even if Writing isn’t your favorite activity, investing time and effort into honing your analytical writing skills for the GRE can greatly enhance your overall application. Embrace the challenge, practice, and let your writing prowess shine through. You’ve got this!

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How to Write Analytical Writing Essays on GRE

When it comes to writing Analytical Writing essays for the GRE, there are a few key steps to keep in mind:

Understand the prompts

Take a moment to read and comprehend the prompts for both the topic and argument exercises. Pay close attention to the main ideas and any supporting information. 

Plan your Response:

Before you start writing, spend a little time brainstorming and organizing your thoughts. Create an outline or a rough structure for your essay. Doing this will ensure a logical flow of ideas and stay focused.

Start Strong with an Introduction:

Begin your article with a concise and interesting beginning. Review your primary points quickly and state your perspective or approach to the topic. Immediately capture the reader’s attention. 

Develop Your Arguments:

In both tasks, it’s important to present well-developed arguments with supporting evidence. Use relevant examples, logical reasoning, and clear explanations to strengthen your points. Be sure to address counterarguments and refute them effectively.

Maintain Clarity and Coherence

Keep your Writing simple and easy to read. Use transition words and phrases to connect your thoughts and maintain a smooth flow between paragraphs and sentences. 

Showcase Critical Thinking

The Analytical Writing section evaluates your ability to analyze and critique arguments. Demonstrate your critical thinking skills by evaluating the assumptions, evidence, and reasoning presented in the prompts. Be thoughtful and provide a balanced assessment.

Pay Attention to Grammar and Vocabulary

While focusing on your ideas and analysis, it’s important to use proper grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary. Write concisely and precisely, using language suited for an academic setting. 

Manage Your Time Effectively

Monitor the clock and allocate your time wisely. Plan how much time you’ll spend on each task and stick to your schedule. It’s important to complete both tasks within the given time frame.

Review and Edit

Review your essay for a few minutes at the end. Check for any grammatical errors, unclear sentences, or inconsistencies. Ensure that you organize ideas properly and that evidence supports your argument. 

Remember, practice makes perfect! Familiarize yourself with different essay prompts and practice writing timed essays. Seek feedback from others or utilize GRE prep resources to improve your skills.

You will grow more comfortable and competent in writing Analytical Writing essays for the GRE if you follow these procedures and practice often. So take a big breath, believe in your ability, and give it your all. You can do it!

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GRE Analytical Writing Essay Examples

GRE Analytical Writing essay examples are helpful to understand the expectations and get a sense of what a well-written essay looks like. You can find official GRE essay prompts on the ETS (Educational Testing Service) website.

Additionally, there are GRE prep books and online resources that provide sample essays with analysis. Reading these examples can help you identify effective strategies, see different writing styles, and gain inspiration for structuring your own essays.

Remember, while examples can guide you, it’s important to develop your unique approach and showcase your own critical thinking and writing skills. Keep calm, analyze examples, and craft your essays with confidence!

GRE Analytical Writing Examples with Answers

Now we shall analyze the following GRE analytical writing example and provide their responses or answer to aid you understand what GRE analytical writing example is all about.

GRE Analytical Writing Example 1

The following is from a health newsletter.

“Nosinia is a herb that many users report as effective as prescription medications at fighting allergy symptoms. Researchers recently compared Nosinia to a placebo in 95 men and women with seasonal allergies to ragweed pollen.

Participants in the study reported that neither Nosinia nor the placebo offered significant relief. However, for the most severe allergy symptoms, the researchers reported that Nosinia was more effective than the placebo in providing relief.

Furthermore, at the end of the study, participants given Nosinia were likelier than participants given a placebo to report feeling healthier. We, therefore, recommend using Nosinia to help with your severe allergy symptoms.

Write a response in which you investigate the questions to answer and to decide whether the recommendation and underlying argument are reasonable. Explain how the answers to these questions will help in evaluating the recommendation. On the GRE, respond to an argument essay.

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Response to Great Analytical Writing Example 1

The author concludes that the herb ‘Nosinia’ is superior to any ‘placebo’ in treating seasonal allergies to ragweed pollen. He reached this conclusion after conducting a study on 95 men and women affected with the aforementioned seasonal allergy.

One group was given ‘Bosnia,’ while the other was given placebos. Initially, none of the drugs relieved the patients. Still, later, those sick with a severe type of this allergy discovered Bosnia to be a calming plant.

Furthermore, those who received Nosinia felt better than those who received placebos.

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Breakdown of Result

At first look, the argument appears to be flawless. However, as we read it again, we see certain ambiguous derivations that do not support the conclusion.

The author explains his findings with a study that simply determines population strength. There is no information about these people’s ages or general health.

Furthermore, the author does not specify the stage of the condition at which the patient can take the drug. An incomplete plea cannot be used to determine whether or not a drug is recommended. A patient’s medical history is an important element in reaching this decision.

Before claiming a medicine’s benefits, it is vital to present the medical history of the people on whom the drug was tested; otherwise, the drug may not be similarly useful to everyone else.

The following statement informs readers that Nosinia relieves people with severe allergies. The question here is whether there are any statistics on the number of patients who suffer from a severe form of allergy.

There must have only been one person who was given Nosinia, and he exhibited some signs of improvement. Such circumstances cannot be used to justify the use of the prescription of Nosinia.

In such a case, where precise detail is not provided, the derivation becomes questionable. It is also debatable how the severity of the allergy was determined.

There should have been a scale, and the author should have expressed the symptoms properly to demonstrate the severity of the allergy.

Only then will the individuals reading the snippet be able to relate to it and find the work beneficial; otherwise, it will become an essay riddled with problems.

Final Argument

The author’s final argument is that persons who took Nosinia felt healthier than those who took Placebos. In a state where the patient’s medical history has not been divulged or scrutinized, the term “healthy” appears loosely.

For example, all people must have been essentially healthy, with only a minor ragweed allergy symptom. In such a scenario, the medication recommended to them provided relief, and they could return to their previous health condition.

However, the outcomes may differ from those of those who have a severe form of allergies or other chronic medical concerns.

The decision appeared hastily reached, given no credible statements to back it up. Anyone with a reasonable mind follows none of the author’s advice.

When making statements about a drug used to treat allergies, both small and severe, one must provide thorough facts about the research so that it can aid others who are suffering from it or gather knowledge about general illnesses and their associated treatments.

GRE Analytical Writing Examples 2

Several recent research has found a link between stair usage and health. According to a recent study, persons who live in stairs-only apartment buildings (those without elevators) live three years longer than those who reside in buildings with both elevators and steps.

According to a second study, senior inhabitants of apartments with elevators visit the doctor twice as often as residents of buildings without elevators.

Furthermore, several doctor’s offices report that residents of stair-only buildings performed better than average on questionnaires given to new patients, in which the patients were asked to rate various aspects of their health (e.g., fitness, sleep quality, susceptibility to injury, and so on).

The most straightforward explanation for these findings is that the moderate daily exercise demanded of inhabitants who must utilize the stairs rather than elevators improves people’s health and longevity.

Write a response in which you discuss one or more competing explanations for the suggested explanation and explain how your explanation(s) can account for the data offered in the argument. 

Response to an Argument Essay on the GRE

Several recent studies have discovered a link between stair usage and health. A recent study found that people who live in apartment buildings with only stairs (no elevators) live three years longer than those who live in buildings with both elevators and steps.

According to a second study, senior citizens who live in apartments with elevators visit the doctor twice as frequently as those who live in buildings without elevators.

Furthermore, according to multiple doctor’s offices, inhabitants of stair-only buildings did better than average on questionnaires provided to new patients, in which the patients answers questions regarding rate various aspects of their health (e.g., fitness, sleep quality, susceptibility to injury, and so on).

The most obvious explanation for these findings is that the moderate daily exercise required of residents who use stairs instead of elevators enhances people’s health and longevity.

Write a response in which you discuss one or more competing explanations for the proposed explanation and explain how your explanation(s) account for the data presented in the argument. On the GRE, respond to an argument essay.

GRE Analytical Writing Examples 3

The following was written to the editor of a Relannian newspaper.

According to industry observers, the number of dairy farms in Relanna has increased by 25% in the recent decade. Furthermore, new advancements in milking technology enable farmers to greatly boost milking efficiency, allowing them to collect more milk in less time with less human intervention.

Labor costs at most Relannian dairy farms are cheaper now than ten years ago, according to data from the Relannian Department of Agriculture.

Despite higher efficiency and decreased labor costs, a carton of cream — a dairy product manufactured from milk — costs twice as much as it did two years ago at the local grocery market. Farmers raising the price of cream to enhance profits is the only reason for this significant price hike.

Write a response in which you explore one or more opposing theories for the proposed theory and detail how your theory (or theories) may account for the evidence in the argument. 

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Response to Great Analytical Writing Examples 3

The letter above discusses the significant price increase of a carton of cream in the market. It links it to farmers’ hunger for higher earnings.

While the former is a reality drawn from reports and examined over time, the latter is more of a malicious slander toward farmers.

In concrete terms, a judgemental, inconclusive, subjective, and opinionated bias that lacks critical evidence influences the letter’s content. As a result, it is clear why a reader cannot concur with the sentiments described above.


The author highlights a 25% rise in the number of farms in Relanna, which may be a precise figure with respect to the corresponding population growth.

However, the author’s failure to address the population increase renders the factual depiction insufficient. This leads one to infer that he believes the population is stable and does not contribute to the production ratio.

However, according to inflation economics, population expansion has a major impact on the production ratio. Without mentioning the population, there is no indication of the demand-supply relationship, which leads to a skewed calculation of the production ratio and, finally, inflation.

Furthermore, the author claims that recent milking technology advances have correspondingly increased milking efficiency.

However, he fails to address the costs of using technology and the following supply. In specific terms, he doesn’t consider the internal costs contributing to production features such as resource gathering, size calculation, packaging, and quality control.

Furthermore, there is no indication of the likely cost of implementing and managing machinery during production. As a result, the overall perspective on price inflation is incorrect and unsupported by shreds of data, adding to the skepticism about the circumstances surrounding the rise in cream carton prices.

Final Argument

The writer then leaps to the huge increase in the price of a carton of cream. This increase, on the other hand, can be guided by a local market salesman or shopkeeper.

For example, the cost of packing, i.e., industrial, transportation, storage, and retailing costs, is included in the delivery of most packaged products.

As a result, the farmer earns little per manufactured item. Even if there aren’t many intermediaries between farmers and the ultimate customer, producers don’t have to fuel inflation.

As a result, the writer has subjected the letter to a bias that fails to integrate the nature of business levels between the product’s manufacturing and its destination, which is the end-user. In other words, it is founded on an idea that does not fit with the previously specified economic grounds.


What is an excellent example of analytical Writing?

Analytical Writing can involve film analysis or how a writer employs a literary trick in a poem. Writers may concentrate on the soundtrack, the director’s use of lighting, costumery, or cinematography to construct meaning in a film study.

What are the four analytical skills?

Communication, creativity, critical thinking, data analysis, and research are all examples of great analytical thinking capabilities.

An analytical essay has how many paragraphs?

An analytical essay is a five-paragraph essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion, with different components required for each section.


Understanding GRE analytical writing examples and using them as practice will help you learn and develop so that you will ace your GRE essay. 


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