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Grand Azure Online Novel

Don’t overlook this captivating novel titled Grand Azure Online Novel.


Grand Azure Online Novel Summary

An apocalypse is coming to Odeatha, a world filled with magic and fantastical creatures. Many monsters appeared out of nowhere and terrorized the people. So, the higher-ups of the many countries decided to use a special magic that lifted some of their lands and buildings to the sky.

But the wizards didn’t realize the big flaw of that magic. The buildings and lands they had lifted were destroyed, and many people died.

That was the backstory of Grand Azure Online. This new VR game boasts a combination of fantasy RPG, colony building, management, and survival elements.

Adventure in the blue sky? Build a floating base? Defend it from the myriad of threats? Taming fantastic beasts as your allies? Forming a colony that would have a massive impact on Odeatha? People want to try out those unique features.

One of them is Alan Rhodes, a young man that very excited to be a beta tester of the game. Unfortunately, his life is in a downward spiral because he lost his job. He decides to sell his VR device to make ends meet.

Before that, he decided to get a small taste of that game by becoming a mage. He went on a little adventure in the sky and met new friends. Sadly, he had to leave the game forever in the end.

But something strange happened. Alan and the other players couldn’t log out.

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Is that fantasy realm going to be Alan’s new life?
Can he survive? Can he uncover why he and the others are trapped there?

Would his life be any better in that world?

Grand Azure Online Novel
Grand Azure Online Novel

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