Google Lime Scholarship for Excellent Tech Students

The 2024 Google Lime Scholarship is designed to inspire and help students with overcoming barriers to pursuing careers in computing and technology.

Google partnered with Lime Connect, a nonprofit that assists students with disabilities in their pursuit of education and possible jobs, to assist university students with disabilities in reaching their academic goals in the field of computer science. Depending on where they study, selected students will get 5,000 CAD or 10,000 USD during the current academic year.

Lime doesn’t want anything to get in the way of promising academics pursuing higher education. As a result, Google has been happy to support Lime Connect’s work since 2008. Google is dedicated to assisting future innovators in making the most of their abilities by providing scholarships and networking getaways for computer science students with disabilities.

Level/Field of Study

The scholarship is open to computer science or IT students at all levels of study. If you are eligible, do well to enrol.

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Host Nationality

The scholarship is hosted by Lime and Google both organisations are based in the United States.

Eligibility for Google Lime Scholarship

  • A current undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral student enrolled at a university in the United States or Canada (freshmen/first-year students and international students studying in the United States or Canada are also eligible to apply); and
  • Continuing current studies or planning to enrol or be accepted as a full-time student in a new program (e.g., graduating and pursuing an advanced degree) at a university in the United States or Canada
  • Pursuing a degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a closely related technological subject (such as software engineering; or electrical engineering with a heavy computer science course load)
  • Maintaining a high level of academic performance
  • A student with a visible or invisible handicap (defined as someone who has, or believes they have, a long-term or recurring condition that affects one or more major activities that others may regard to be a daily function); this definition also includes others’ belief that a disability exists. 90% of disabilities on campus are invisible, and we urge people with all disabilities to apply.
  • Demonstrate leadership and a commitment to and love for computer science and technology.
  • Unfortunately, previous Google Lime Scholars will not be considered.
  • Current high school students are not eligible for this grant.

Please keep in mind that scholarship recipients must be full-time students for the current academic year. After the winners are chosen, their enrollment will be verified, and all scholarship payments will be delivered directly to the student to be used toward tuition and education-related expenditures. Lime will withhold the award from any scholar who no longer fulfils the eligibility standards, and will revoke the award from any scholar who fails to meet the eligibility conditions. On a case-by-case basis, recipients may defer their award for up to one (1) year from the time of initially planned payment, as determined by Google.

Requirements to Apply for Google Lime Scholarship

The following documents are required for the Google Lime Scholarship

  • contact, education, and experience
  • Unofficial transcripts and current resume
  • Three essays – this is your chance to show your enthusiasm for computer science.
  • One recommendation letter from a professor, adviser, or supervisor (names and email addresses of references must be entered by the application deadline – letters of recommendation themselves are due one week later)
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Deadline for Google Lime Scholarship

The deadline varies. The deadline is always stated anytime the portal is open.

Scholarship Award

Google Lime Scholarship will be awarded based on the strength of candidates’ academic credentials and shown interest in computer science – $10,000 for US students and $5,000 for Canadian students (based on tuition costs).

How to Apply for Google Lime Scholarship

You can apply for the Google Lime Scholarship once the application is open by logging into or joining The Lime Network.

Selection Process

The 2024 Google Lime Scholarship recipients will each get a scholarship for the academic year. Scholars will also be invited to a Google Lime Scholars conference in the Summer of 2024 and will be considered for internship possibilities with Google during that summer. Scholarships will be offered based on the strength of candidates’ academic backgrounds and a demonstrated passion for computer science – $10,000 for students in the United States and $5,000 for students in Canada (based on tuition costs).


Can Google give me a scholarship?
The Generation Google Scholarship and Google Lime Scholarship were created to assist aspiring computer science students in excelling in technology and becoming leaders in the sector. For the current academic year, selected students will receive $10,000 USD (for those studying in the United States) or $5,000 CAD (for those studying in Canada).
How competitive is the Google scholarship?
The Google Scholarships are extremely generous. It’s no wonder that competition is fierce! To begin, applicants must be studying (or intend to study) computer science in an authorized undergraduate or graduate program. Strong applicants must also demonstrate leadership and have an outstanding academic record.
Is Google Scholarship real or fake?
Google scholarship is a Google Inc. project that attempts to provide financial help to students who want to pursue a career in technology. It is a broad phrase that encompasses a variety of scholarships and competitions available to students all around the world.

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