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Game Developer System Novel

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Game Developer System Novel Summary

“Among the 11 modern arts, the 10th art has always been my favorite. I experienced so many amazing classics in my other world, that I felt compelled to be able to provide this art to the people of this world as well.”

After finishing playing all the games nominated for the “Games Award” that year, Gabriel, known on the internet as Gabe, felt that life was really beautiful, experiencing so many beautiful things while playing, he felt quite satisfied, until he woke up in an unknown place.

Confused, Gabe felt new memories surging through his mind, indicating that he had transmigrated to another world, a world where humans needed to create virtual worlds so that the population could arm themselves to fight the monsters that threatened to wipe out their race.

But something shocked Gabe, these virtual worlds were like VR games that people could play and get items or abilities, and the surprise was that from the memories he received, his current body was a developer of Virtual Worlds.

Follow Gabe’s journey to become the greatest game developer in human history.

Game Developer System Novel
Game Developer System Novel

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