FSU Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admission

Are you a prospective student interested in attending Florida State University?  Did you want to know the acceptance rate of FSU

It is critical to note that deciding to study at Florida State University is something you must do after carefully considering all of the factors involved in making it a reality.

These are the acceptance rate, GPA, and admission requirements of Florida State University (FSU). 

This article will discuss these factors as a guide whenever you are ready to begin the admissions process. You should read this article all the way through.

About FSU

Florida State University (FSU) is a public research university in Tallahassee and a senior member of the Florida State University System.

The University was founded in 1851 due to its commitment to connecting scholars to community, resources, and opportunities. It has since become one of the best higher education options locally and nationally.

The university enrolled approximately 45,493 students from all 50 states and 130 countries as one of the best higher education options in Florida and beyond, and the institution’s dedication to combining receptiveness with a high standard of education has earned it honor from highly respected publications like INSIGHT Into Diversity and The Institute for Higher Education Policy.

Florida State University comprises 16 distinct colleges and over 110 centers, facilities, laboratories, and universities that offer over 360 programs of study, including professional school programs in 2021.

Furthermore, Florida State University has established partnerships with both local and national businesses. This was most recently demonstrated by Florida State University’s selection by the United States. 

The Association for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship will hold their annual national conference at this location.

This year, the U. S News & World Report ranked Florida State as the 19th best public university in the United States and the 55th best overall among all national universities, public and private (2022).

The following is a rundown of FSU’s acceptance rate, GPA, requirements, and more.

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What is the FSU Acceptance Rate in 2023?

For the 2022-2023 academic year, Florida State University’s acceptance rate for freshmen students was around 37%.

Unlike most of Florida’s top universities, such as the University of Florida, Florida State University’s recent acceptance rate is slightly higher than average.

Although the application deadline for Florida State University is November 1st, students have until March 1st to submit their applications.

You can obtain several benefits by applying before the November 1st deadline, so students must plan accordingly.

Florida State University’s admissions application has given students a break in areas such as letters of recommendation and essays. Still, SAT/ACT scores and an intensive grade reporting process known as the SSAR are required.

Applicants must allow themselves adequate time to comprehend the application process to complete everything on time.

Florida State University, like other schools, has made three different methods available for students to submit their applications to the school. 

Students must now choose between the three options, which are the Common Application, the Coalition Application, or the Florida State University Application.

Additional requirements may apply if a student wishes to pursue a scholarship, the honours college, or a specific degree program.

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What is the FSU Transfer Acceptance Rate in 2023?

Every year, approximately 3,000 transfer students attend Florida State University. According to the common data set, all colleges are required by law to report, this brings their transfer acceptance rate to around 30%.

According to FSU, most transfer students come from other Florida College System schools, but students from any accredited school at any higher education level are welcome.

FSU, like the incoming freshman application process, takes a comprehensive approach to transfer students.

This means that when admissions officers read a student’s application, they do not accept or deny the student based on a single criterion.

Instead, admissions officers will read the entire application in order to assess the student’s strengths and weaknesses and determine whether or not they would be a good fit for the university.

Prospective transfers should familiarize themselves with FSU’s application requirements and those of the specific program to which they are applying before submitting their application.

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Is FSU hard to get into?

The acceptance rate at Florida State University is approximately 35-37 percent. Students with a standard SAT score of 1200-1350 (SAT reading score of 610-660, SAT Math score of 590-660) and/or a standard ACT score of 25 to 30 (ACT English score of 25-32, ACT Math score of 25-29) are considered eligible students and are admitted to Florida State University. 

GPA and transcripts from high school, as well as SAT/ACT scores, are required for admission to Florida State University. The average high school GPA required for Florida State University students is 4.07. (on a scale of 4.00). 

Thus, Florida State University is a very competitive public university in terms of student selection because it prefers students who have received top qualification scores in their high schools. 

The total number of students at Florida State University is approximately 41,000, and the number of full-time faculty is approximately 1600.

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Does FSU Require Test Scores in 2023?

It is not an institutional choice to require an ACT or SAT score for admissions consideration. 

FSU, like the other 11 public universities in Florida, is subject to Florida Board of Governors admissions regulation 6.002, which requires first-year students applying for admission to submit an ACT or SAT score.

They use the highest earned ACT and SAT subscores to calculate the ACT composite and/or SAT total when evaluating students for admission (a process known as “super scoring”).

Florida State University SAT and ACT Requirements

The State of Florida requires all universities in the state to have a SAT/ACT requirement as part of their admissions process.

50 percent of students admitted to the school have SAT scores ranging from 1250 to 1400 and ACT scores ranging from 28 to 32. A super-scoring procedure was used to compute the scores.

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What are the Admission Requirements for FSU in 2023?

The general admission requirements to Florida State University are:

  • All applicants must complete the SSAR.
  • The application fee of $30 must be paid or waived by the applicant.
  • Applicants are required to complete one of three online applications.
  • They must provide a transcript, and
  • They must also submit their SAT/ACT results.
  • The school does not require an essay.

All of the above requirements must be completed by November 1st for the priority deadline or March 1st for the rolling admissions deadline.

FSU is ranked as one of the top colleges for Best Value, as evidenced by the cost of tuition and the variety of merit-based and need-based scholarships available.

Some of the benefits students can obtain by submitting their application on time are;

Firstly, students who completed their application process by November 1st will be considered for scholarships immediately, including out-of-state students.

Secondly, during the application process, students should consider the Honors College. Students in the Honors College have access to special classes, research opportunities, Fellowships, and extracurricular activities.

This scholar community is for students who want to take their educational experience to the next level.

So, you must submit your general FSU application by November 1st and check the box “Yes” when asked, “Are you interested in applying to the Honors Program?”, If you want to be considered as a student for the Honors College.

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What are the Transfer Requirements for FSU?

Below are the transfer requirements for Florida University transfer applicants:

Minimum GPA:

Minimum GPA – 3.0 (except for Associate in Arts aspirants from Florida community colleges entering based on articulation agreement).

Official Transcripts: If you have less than 60 credits, you must provide high school transcripts. A transcript from each institution attended is required.

SAT/ACT Scores: If you have less than 60 credits, you must submit SAT/ACT scores. If you have more than 60 credits, you should submit your scores.

Fee for Application: A $30 nonrefundable application fee is required.

Other requirements include meeting the State of Florida’s foreign language admission requirement and passing the Florida College-Level Academic Skills Test or an approved alternative. Additional requirements differ depending on the major/program.

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What GPA Do You Need To Get Into FSU in 2023?

The average GPA at Florida State University (FSU) is 4.07. Except for students who have a GED or are international students, all first-year students are required to complete a Self-reported Student Academic Report (SSAR).

The SSAR must be completed before students begin their application process. If a student fails to complete their SSAR before the deadline for submitting their application, the school will be unable to accept their application.

Suppose any of the points about Florida State University SSAR are unclear to you. In that case, you can visit the Florida State University in-depth SSAR FAQ page, where everything about SSAR has been carefully explained in a more understandable manner.

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How Can You Apply to FSU?

Aspirants must apply for admission to Florida State University (FSU) through the application process. Around 1,700 international students are admitted to graduate programs at the university. 

Admission to undergraduate courses is also available through the university. International students must meet additional requirements to be admitted to Florida State University. The application procedure is outlined below:

  • Application Portal: Online, Common/Coalition Application
  • 30 USD application fee

Florida State University’s official website has online application forms. Fill out the application form completely and submit it before the deadline.

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What are the Alternatives to FSU?

Below are the alternative schools to consider if FSU isn’t the right fit for you:

  • University of Central Florida
  • University of Florida
  • Florida A&M University
  • Tallahassee
  • University of South Florida
  • Tampa
  • Penn State University
  • University of Miami
  • University of South Florida
  • University of North Florida

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The university’s commitment to combining accessibility and quality education has earned it recognition from prestigious publications such as INSIGHT Into Diversity and The Institute for Higher Education Policy.

Students who begin their decision-making process there will be confident in their choice, whether it is Florida State University or not.

Students can be assured that their education at Florida State University will prepare them for real-world careers and provide them with contacts to find these jobs.

That was about the acceptance rate, GPA, and Florida State University (FSU) admission requirements. 

Hope this article was helpful to you?


Is FSU a top 10 school?

No. Florida State University is ranked #55 out of 443 nationally.

Is Florida State prestigious?

Yes. Florida State University is a national leader in producing Fulbright U.S. Scholars and students.

Is FSU Ivy League?

No. The answer is that Florida has no Ivy League schools. The Ivy League’s eight schools are all located in the United States’ Northeast region.

What is FSU known for academically?

The state legislature designated FSU as a preeminent research university, and it is also known for its criminal justice programs and film school.


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