Forbidden alpha Novel by Prince robinson

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Forbidden alpha Novel Summary.

Born as a different breed, Jason was rejected by his pack. His kind has been hunted for what humans claim to be “safety reason” and this has been on for over 6 decades.

Jason who is unaware of his power, lives as a normal person but things take a twist when he falls for the daughter of an alpha. Together, they discover his true gift as well as an ancient tale.

Jason is forced to return to the pack to be with his kind as well as claim his rights as a ware-wolf.. A twist comes when he discovers that he is in a love triangle with an even more powerful ware wolf… love and loyalty is tested.

Jason discovers a hidden truth which sparks anger in him, making him furious and evil, even to humans.. He leaves the pack for the second time to be alone.

The pack gets into deep battle and needs Jason’s help in order to win this battle but will Jason accept to help his pack? What happens in the end? Let’s find out all of this in this story.

Forbidden alpha Novel by Prince robinson
Forbidden alpha Novel by Prince robinson

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