Finding Secretary Lyn Novel by Siarnaq Frost

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Finding Secretary Lyn Novel Summary.

Linnea is a down-on-her-luck commoner living in the downtown slums of the Crown City of Arcadia, Dominion of Arcania.

Losing several jobs quickly, she is forced to ask for help from one of her close friends, the daughter of a viscount, to secure a job.

Thanks to her, she managed to land a work as a maid in Arcadia Palace, the seat of power in her country and where the royal family lives.

Things have finally looked up for her but only for a short time. One of the princes has instructed her to clean a room strictly forbidden by the butler.

Forced to follow a direct order by a member of the royal family, she did know full well she would be fired, but little did she know that this was merely the start of

the story of her life filled with love, romance, politics, royal intrigues, and friendship everlasting guided by the tarot cards!

Finding Secretary Lyn Novel by Siarnaq Frost
Finding Secretary Lyn Novel by Siarnaq Frost

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