Fell In Love With My Roomy Novel by Mnemosyne

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Fell In Love With My Roomy Novel Summary.

Julianna Macey, or Juls for short, is desperate to leave her parents’ home. Living at home for her undergrad degree is ruining her social life and making it difficult for her to keep in touch with friends.

So when her friend Carlo offers her the chance to move into a student apartment, she jumps at the chance. The only problem is that the available room is shared by his three friends Kyle, Mark, and Kent.

As if living with three boys she’s never met wasn’t bad enough, Kent appears to despise her. When she’s around, he makes a mess in the kitchen, never puts his laundry in the dryer, and acts as if she doesn’t exist.

Despite being good looking, Kent and Juls develop a fierce hatred for one another, and she begins to regret her decision to move in with them.

However, because her lease still has a year to run, she is unable to leave. Juls begins to question whether living with boys has any benefits or if she acted prematurely.

More importantly, she questions whether or not she and Kent will ever get along as well as why he despises her so much.

Fell In Love With My Roomy Novel by Mnemosyne
Fell In Love With My Roomy Novel by Mnemosyne

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