Fated to the Tangled Love novel by Gorgeous Killer

Welcome to a tale of fate and entangled emotions in “Fated to the Tangled Love.”

In this unique and captivating novel, we embark on a journey of love, heartbreak, and unexpected twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Fated to the Tangled Love novel Summary:

Within the tumultuous world of the Moore family, Charles Moore’s decision to marry against their wishes set the stage for a complex love story. As fate would have it, Scarlett Riley became his unintended bride, despite Charles’ deep-rooted animosity towards her.

Scarlett’s dreams led her to a distant university, and she grasped the opportunity, leaving behind her tumultuous marriage to pursue her passion. But life has a way of weaving destinies together, and three years later, Charles finds himself facing a heartbreaking situation as his beloved woman battles a severe illness.

In a desperate bid to fulfill his ailing lover’s last wish, Charles calls upon Scarlett and presents her with an unexpected proposition – a divorce. The abruptness of Charles’ decision shatters Scarlett, but she musters the strength to agree to his request, setting the wheels of fate in motion once more.

However, the process is anything but smooth, leaving Scarlett confused and torn between her emotions and the consequences of Charles’ indecision. Will she ever find freedom from this tangled web of love and emotions? And will Charles confront his true feelings buried beneath his animosity?

Fated to the Tangled Love novel by Gorgeous Killer
Fated to the Tangled Love novel by Gorgeous Killer

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