Fated to a Howl Novel by Authoresss Faith

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Fated to a Howl Novel Summary.

Sophia, a teenager, discovers that she’s a werewolf, which completely alters her life. She’s caught between her human world and her new werewolf pack.

Her life takes a dramatic turn when she meets Alpha Leo, the pack leader, who is also her mate. Although she initially rejects him, they gradually develop an unbreakable bond.

However, their journey is fraught with challenges. Sophia must navigate her new werewolf existence, her complex relationship with Alpha Leo,

and her father’s disapproval of her true nature. As Sophia and Alpha Leo’s love deepens, they uncover a startling truth about their connection that threatens to tear them apart.

Sophia is now faced with a crucial decision: risk everything for love or choose a path that could lead to her demise.

Join Sophia on her quest for self-discovery as she finds love, acceptance, and her rightful place among the werewolves.

Fated to a Howl Novel by Authoresss Faith
Fated to a Howl Novel by Authoresss Faith

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