FAMU Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admissions

Look at the FAMU acceptance rate if you’re considering applying and want to know your chances of getting accepted. 

Many factors go into the admissions process, so it is impossible to know whether you will be accepted. You should therefore consider the FAMU acceptance rate.

However, the admissions committee members will pay the most attention to your GPA, SAT, ACT, and test results. 

In this piece, we’ll go through each requirement for admission to Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University. You’ll also learn how to make an impression when you apply amidst the FAMU acceptance rate.

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What to know about FAMU? 

In 1887, the public institution now known as the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) was established. 

It is in a city, covers 422 acres, and has a total undergraduate enrollment of 7,402 students (fall 2020). Semesters are used to divide the academic year. 

In the Best Colleges 2022 edition, Florida A&M University is ranked 202nd among all universities in the US. For in-state students, tuition and fees are $5,785; for out-of-state students, they are $17,725. 

The sole historically black university in the State University System of Florida is Florida A & M University (FAMU), tucked away in Tallahassee’s hills. 

Although students of all races, nationalities, and nations are accepted, the school’s primary goal is to educate African-Americans.

The university offers over 60 bachelor’s degrees in various subjects, even though the “A&M” name stands for Agricultural and Mechanical. 

The most popular undergraduate majors are architecture, journalism, and psychology. More than 40 academic specialties, including law, engineering, and education, are available to graduate students at FAMU. 

Additionally, FAMU has more than 100 options for student organizations, including fraternities and sororities. 

The FAMU Rattlers varsity sports teams compete in the NCAA Division I Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference and are open to student-athlete tryouts. 

Pam Oliver of Fox Sports and Keith Clinkscales, co-founder of Vibe magazine, are two well-known alumni of FAMU.

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What is the FAMU Acceptance Rate in 2023? 

The overall acceptance rate for incoming students at FAMU is 33%. Half of FAMU’s accepted students had to have ACT or SAT scores between 20 and 24. 

One-fourth of the approved candidates achieved scores higher than these levels, while the other quarter received lower results. The deadline for applications to Florida A & M University is May 1st, and the application price is $35.

What is FAMU Transfer Acceptance Rate in 2023? 

In the preceding years, FAMU received 1490 transfer requests. The university accepted 708 students. FAMU has a 47.52 percent acceptance rate for transfers as a result. This illustrates how challenging it is to be admitted to FAMU.

Is FAMU hard to get into? 

33% of applicants are accepted at Florida A&M. It has the third-lowest acceptance rate in Florida and is ranked #99 nationally. 

Florida A&M has a low admission rate for qualified applicants, making it extremely difficult to get into the school. 3,124 out of 9,472 applications were accepted the previous year. 

The school has simple SAT and ACT admission requirements, typically admitting students with scores in the top 52% (SAT 1030/1150, ACT 20/24). 

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University typically admits and draws students with average high school grades of “B+” and a GPA of roughly 3.58. 

Most first-year students graduate in the top half of their class. 33% of applicants who were given the option to enroll did so.

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Does FAMU Require Test Scores?

To apply to Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, you must submit your SAT or ACT scores. 72% of accepted students who were in the admissions cycle for 2017–18 submitted their SAT results. 

SAT Requirements

According to the admissions data, most of FAMU’s accepted students scored in the top 35% nationwide on the SAT. 

50% of applicants to Florida A&M received scores between 530 and 590 on the evidence-based reading and writing portion, while 25% received scores below 530 and 25% received scores over 590. 

50% of accepted students received math scores between 510 and 580, 25% received math scores below 510, and 25% received math scores over 580. 

A combined SAT score of 1170 or higher will give applicants at FAMU extremely competitive odds.

FAMU requires the writing portion of the SAT. The admissions office will consider your top score from each section across all test dates since Florida A&M participates in the score choice program. 

SAT Florida A&M does not require subject examinations for admission. 

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ACT Requirements 

All applicants must submit their SAT or ACT results to be considered by Florida A&M University. In the 2017–18 admissions season, 45% of accepted students submitted their ACT scores.

According to the admissions data, most of FAMU’s accepted students scored in the lowest 46% nationally on the ACT. 

50% of those accepted to Florida A&M had an average ACT score between 19 and 23, 25% over 23, and 25% below 19. 

The ACT writing section is required at Florida A&M University. Notably, FAMU superscores ACT scores; your highest subscores from numerous ACT sittings will be considered.

GPA Requirements 

To get admitted to Florida A&M, applicants must have earned exceptionally high GPAs in high school. 

The average high school GPA of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University’s approved freshman class was 3.58 on a 4.0 scale, showing that most B+ students are accepted and ultimately enroll. 

The school with the highest average GPA in Florida is ranked #18. Admission to Florida A&M will be difficult, even with a competitive GPA, as the university rejects more applicants than it accepts.

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What are the Admission Requirements for FAMU in 2023? 

One of the best historically black universities in the nation, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, has a difficult admissions pool. 

However, the holistic admissions process at Florida A&M considers criteria other than your academic standing and test results. 

Excellent application essays, stellar letters of recommendation, and involvement in worthwhile extracurricular activities can strengthen your application. 

The application includes room for you to identify jobs, military service, or other activities you have engaged in after graduating if you took a break between high school and college.

Each applicant can list clubs, organizations, volunteer work, unique skills, honors, and employment history. 

If you were very involved in high school or beyond graduation, it is in your best interest to include an additional sheet to the application to thoroughly define your activities. 

A relevant activity, interest, experience, or achievement; your family background, culture, or surroundings; or your special qualities or attributes that will make you a useful member of the FAMU community are the other three essay prompts that freshmen applicants must address.

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How to Apply to FAMU

  • Writing the Personal Statements

There are a few ways in which personal statements differ from the conventional five-paragraph, argumentative English course or research essay. 

Personal statements should show how students think, feel, work, play, and live, in contrast to class essays, which are supposed to demonstrate how a student thinks. 

As a result, personal statements are ideal places to confidently employ “I” statements, feel a little vulnerable, and reveal your true self to the reader, unlike most English class essay tasks. 

Finding a topic for your statement should demonstrate the abilities, characteristics, values, and interests you’ll bring to a college campus.

  • Getting Letters Of Recommendation

Along with coming up with ideas for your statement early, you should also submit your request for the two essential letters of recommendation. 

Early, in fact. Your junior year’s spring semester is an option. The minimum amount of lead time is three weeks. Your teachers or counselors will appreciate you more for the asking early (and will be better prepared to produce recommendations that meet the deadline) than if you ask later. 

We advise using these detailed instructions when requesting a recommendation letter (complete with scripts and email templates). 

Choose the SparkNote version instead. Here it is: 

Choose recommenders who are knowledgeable about you (and like you), such as a recent teacher of a subject you find important. 

Request letters as soon as you can, ideally in person. 

Send a follow-up email with your resume, practical suggestions, and sincere thanks the same day you make your request. 

Give your recommenders’ requests for further work as soon as possible so they can produce the greatest possible letter of recommendation.

  • Applying For Financial Aid

As we already noted, you’ll be completing your FAFSA before your applications are due, so it’s a smart idea to do so even if you don’t anticipate needing loans. 

You must submit a FAFSA to be eligible for any full or partial scholarships provided by the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Scholarship Program; therefore, it is just a good idea to do so. 

If you live in Florida, be sure you are fully informed on the Florida Bright Futures Program and what you must do to be eligible for the state-sponsored, need- and merit-based aid programs there.

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FAMU’s acceptance rate is 33%. 33 out of every 100 applications are therefore approved. 

This exemplifies how selective the institution is. If you meet or surpass FAMU’s GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and other application requirements, you will be accepted. 

If your GPA or SAT/ACT scores are below average, you will have a slim chance of being admitted even if you meet all other admissions requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many credits must you transfer to enroll at FAMU? 

When applying to Florida A & M University, a student who has attended any regionally accredited college or university and has collected 12 or more semester hours of transferable college credit since getting a regular high school diploma or its equivalent is referred to as a transfer student (FAMU). 

Which major at FAMU is the most well-known? 

Studies that cross or involve many disciplines, such as business, management, marketing, and related support services, as well as homeland security, law enforcement, firefighting, and related protective services The most popular majors at Florida A&M University are in the social sciences, biology, psychology, and other subjects.

Which Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) do I stand a chance of getting into?

33 percent of applicants have been admitted to Florida A&M. The college has lax entrance requirements, and competition for admission is severe. 

Does FAMU offer dual enrollment courses? 

Through the dual enrollment program, a qualifying secondary or homeschooled student can enroll in a FAMU course that counts toward high school graduation and an associate’s or bachelor’s degree (F.S. 1007.27; State Board of Education Rule 6A-10.241 FAC).


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