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Does Expedia Have a Student Discount? | How to Get Expedia Student Discount

The extended, pleasurable road excursions you can take while in college are among its greatest features. The broad stretch of road ahead and the company of companions make for lifetime memories. This is where the Expedia student discount comes in. 


The travel landscape has shifted as a result of Expedia student discounts. Students can save by making direct reservations with Expedia on this page and saving 8% with Unidays.

Travel shouldn’t be delayed. Expedia wants to enable everyone to benefit from weekends off, spring breaks, and other special occasions. Studying is tough, but getting away from campus for a few days is one of the finest ways to revive and recharge. Students should be able to achieve it thanks to these Expedia student discounts.

What to Know about Expedia Student Discount?

Expedia is one of the top full-service online travel agencies in the world, with localized websites in more than 30 countries. It provides access to more than a million bookable properties globally, including vacation rentals, boutique hotels, well-known brands, more than 500 airlines, more than 175 car rental agencies, and a variety of ground transportation and experience options. 

Recently, Expedia has become more popular among college students. Expedia offers some of the finest discounts on hotel accommodations for students, called Expedia Student Discounts. It allows students to take advantage of some fantastic vacation packages and alluring discounts by providing exclusive college student discounts for individuals who enjoy traveling.

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Who is Eligible for Expedia Student Discount?

You must be registered for a course at a college or university in order to qualify for the Expedia student discount. Whether you’re buying from a well-known brand or browsing a small shop, you’ll need to show proof of your student status before receiving a discount. 

To open an account and begin earning rewards for each eligible purchase, you must be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the United States.

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Does Expedia Have a Student Discount in 2023?

Anyone presently enrolled at an authorized college or institution is eligible for the Expedia Student Discounts program. You must have a working school email address to confirm your enrollment. Once validated, you’ll have access to exclusive student prices and discounts. Register at Expedia for more information.

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How Do I Get an Expedia Student Discount Card in 2023?

To establish an Expedia account, you must first provide your email address. Additionally, confirm your enrollment in classes by entering the required information on the Expedia website. 

Step 2: You will then receive a message from in your inbox asking you to activate your account. Follow the directions in the email to finish it. 

Step 3: If your verification is successful, you’ll be entitled to a 10% discount on most travel offers. 

Step 4: Verify your student status to be qualified for the exclusive Expedia student discount. When checking out, copy the promotional code and enter it. Make use of Expedia’s fantastic offer. 

After adding the things you want to your shopping cart and moving to the online checkout, just type in your discount code. Depending on the business, you may see a box with the labels “Promo Code,” “Discount Code,” “Student Discount,” or “Voucher Code” just before you input and confirm your payment information. Once you’ve entered your code, the offer amount will be subtracted from the final price so you can see how much you’re saving using the Expedia student discount. 

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Do Expedia Members Get Discount Online in 2023?

Employees, retirees, and pass holders who qualify may receive a 20% discount on revenue-confirmed tickets for system-wide travel in any cabin on the airline through the Expedia Student Discount Program. 

Members of Expedia receive a significant discount when applying online using the United app. Most students and members apply online to get discounts.

Is Expedia Student Membership Worth it?

The Expedia Student Membership is well worth the cost. After completing the student authentication process, students of all grade levels can currently apply a discount of up to 20% off to their preferred Expedia ticket class. Non-students are not allowed access to this, thus they must pay the normal set fee.

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Expedia Student Discount, Coupon Codes and Promo Code. 

There’s a variety of different Expedia promo codes and Expedia coupons available at a given time for select purchases. Expedia does occasionally provide coupons and discount codes to aid travelers in saving money. For the most recent offers and discounts, look at the list above. Additionally, be sure to create an 

Expedia accounts so that the most recent deals can be delivered to your mailbox. We’ve occasionally encountered discount codes in the past for additional percentage savings on particular travel kinds. Additionally, dollar-off airfare savings with a promo code have been observed. 

When making a reservation with Expedia, AARP members are eligible for special savings. For AARP members, there is currently an Expedia discount code offering $50 off select hotels. Additionally, Expedia provides AARP members with up to 10% off select hotels and 30% off select rental vehicles.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do I Use Expedia Student Discount Code?

Check if your trip is eligible. Exclusions may apply. If there’s an option to pay now or later, choose Pay Now. On the payment page, click Enter a coupon or promotion code. Enter your code, and then click on Apply. 

Who Qualifies for Expedia Offer?

This discount is available to anyone over the age of 15 who is enrolled full-time in school, including high school, college, or university.

Does Expedia Have Black Friday Sales?

In the past, Expedia has provided Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions with special offers for members, including substantial discounts of up to 90% off particular airline and hotel bundles. To see the offers they have scheduled, return to their Black Friday page.

What Does Expedia Offer?

Expedia makes it simple to compare costs and book hotels and flights. However, they also provide a variety of other helpful travel services, such as vehicle rentals, cruises, all-inclusive resort packages, and attractions and activities.

How Much Can I Save with Expedia Coupons?

Expedia offers bargains of all sizes, but for college students, even the smallest amount can add up. It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on a vacation. Expedia is offering discounts for travel to cities, beaches, and parks both domestically and abroad. Signing up to see what is available is the first step.


Expedia is an online travel agency and vacation search engine where you can look for and reserve travel-related services including cruises, hotels, cars, and more. They serve millions of consumers each year and are the biggest online travel company in the UK. 

Their directory offers tickets from more than 450 different airlines, together with an astounding 321,000 different lodging alternatives. Booking through their search engine will frequently result in the lowest prices due to their extensive directory.


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