Enchanted Pursuits: Her Cunning Moves Novel by Zhitao

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Enchanted Pursuits: Her Cunning Moves Novel Summary.

Exciting news! The long-lost heiress of the prestigious Lu family, missing for over a decade, is back!

But here’s the twist – they say this true heiress might not have all her wits about her. She’s either playing the part of a witch or snooping around ancestral graves, and everyone’s just waiting for her to get the boot.

Yet, this woman has an uncanny knack for the extraordinary. She easily beats genius chess players, drives the world’s top hacker into self-exile, and effortlessly creates platinum-selling music. Even the world’s top perfume maker seeks her guidance, though she humbly downplays her talent.

The fake heiress, dripping with envy, sneers, “My sister excels at playing the witch and raiding graves.”


A famous actor asks, “@LuQi, my right eyelid has been twitching for days, is it a bad omen?”

A financial giant wonders, “@LuQi, I’ve been plagued by three months of bad luck, is my fortune doomed?”

A tech guru inquires, “@LuQi, my family’s facing a string of misfortunes lately, should we consider relocating our ancestors’ resting places?”

A mysterious figure adds, “@Everyone, I forgot to introduce her properly – she’s also my wife.”

As everyone stands in awe, they can’t help but wonder if there’s any room left for others to shine in the presence of such an incredible duo.

Enchanted Pursuits: Her Cunning Moves Novel by Zhitao
Enchanted Pursuits: Her Cunning Moves Novel by Zhitao

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