Ember’s Mate Novel by August Haase

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Ember’s Mate Novel Summary.

Ember’s parents die before her 18th birthday. Ember doesn’t know her parents secret. Ember is a werewolf that has alpha blood.

Her wolf Adeline awakens on her 18th birthday. Adeline can sense their mate. Ember leaves her tragic life behind searching for her goddess given mate.

20 year old Sander is the Alpha of the Sapphire Crescent pack. His wolf Shadow sensed their mate the day she turned 18. After two years of searching for his mate Sander had given up hope.

The night of Ember’s 18th birthday Sander had a dream vision of his mate. Adeline could hear Shadow calling out to them. Ember packed as many belongings as she could and started her search for her golden eyed Alpha.

Adeline became Ember’s only friend. Weeks into their adventure Ember is branded a rogue by Grey the beta of Sapphire Crescent. Grey’s wolf Reign recognizes Adeline as Shadow’s mate.

Grey doesn’t trust the fiery tempered rogue wolf. He knows she is hiding something. Ember’s past still haunts her even though she left all those heart breaking memories behind.

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Will her mate ever understand the trauma she went through? Or will her mate brand her as a murdered? Will the goddess bless her with happiness? Or will her mate reject her once the truth of past comes to light?.

Ember’s Mate Novel by August Haase
Ember’s Mate Novel by August Haase

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