Elon Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admission 

Here in this blog post, you will find every detail about the Elon Acceptance Rate, requirements, SAT/ACT scores, GPA scores, and admission.

Elon University can be found in Elon, NC, a nonprofit private college that focuses on only a select few programs offered. Over 7,800 students are enrolled at Elon University.

The majority of students admitted to this school got an SAT score within the range of 1160–1320 or got accepted with an ACT composite score between 25–30. 

We were able to estimate the Elon University average GPA (3.42 – 3.64) of admitted students by applying sampled GPA data on over 150 schools. 

Elon University admits around 80 percent of those that apply each year. Of those that are accepted, around 20 percent of students enrolled. 

You can get more information from the admissions office website

There are 93 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs available at Elon University. 

The Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication program graduated 153 students last year, while the Finance program graduated 142 students. 

Elon University provides candidates and students with a variety of majors. 

Among the most sought-after majors at Elon University are the following: general finance; speech communication and rhetoric; marketing/marketing management; psychology; business administration and management; public health education and promotion; accounting; political science and government; international/globalization studies; and radio and television. 

The average freshman retention rate is 90%, which is also a positive indicator of student satisfaction.

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What to know About Elon 

With a 78% acceptance rate, Elon University is a private liberal arts institution. 

Elon University, with campuses in North Carolina’s Greensboro and Raleigh, is well known for its emphasis on experiential learning. 

The three most popular majors at Elon are business, communications, and arts and sciences.

 The campus has a healthy 12-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio, which supports academics. 

Fraternities, sororities, club sports teams, and performing arts organizations are just a few of the clubs and organizations that students can join. 

Elon participates in the NCAA Colonial Athletic Association and fields 17 Division I athletic teams (CAA). 

Do you intend to apply to Elon University? The average SAT/ACT scores and GPAs of students who were admitted are included in the admissions statistics that you should be aware of.

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What is Elon Acceptance Rate in 2023?

The acceptance rate at Elon University for the 2018–19 admissions cycle was 78%. 

This indicates that 78 out of every 100 applicants were accepted, making Elon’s admissions process moderately competitive.

Be aware that only 1,591 of the admitted students actually enrolled. Elon University’s admissions office bases its college acceptance rate on the assumption that about one in ten applicants will enroll because of the school’s small size. 

Furthermore, 90% of early decision applications are accepted by Elon. 

Think about whether an early decision is a good option for you as you plan your Elon University admissions strategy in light of this acceptance rate.

What is Elon Transfer Acceptance Rate in 2023?

Considering all four-year institutions in the U.S., transfer students might face a little bit more difficulty getting accepted. 

The National Association for College Admission Counseling reported that the average acceptance rate for a transfer applicant is 62 percent.

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Is Elon Hard to Get into?

Elon University admissions are selective, with an acceptance rate of 78% and an early acceptance rate of 77.7%. Half the applicants admitted to Elon University have an SAT score between 1170 and 1340 or an ACT score between 25 and 30.

If you have a very good GPA and test score, you will find it hard to get into Elon University. But if you do not meet the requirements, you might have to write very good essays or have very good recommendations.

Does Elon Require Test Scores?

All applicants must submit their SAT or ACT scores to Elon University. 

65% of accepted students who applied for admission in the 2018–19 cycle submitted their SAT scores.

According to admissions data, the majority of Elon University’s accepted students scored in the top 35% nationally on the SAT.

 50% of applicants to Elon received scores for the evidence-based reading and writing section between 590 and 660, while 25% received scores below 590 and 25% received scores above 660. 

50% of admitted students received math scores between 570 and 660, 25% received math scores below 570, and 25% received math scores above 660. 

Elon will give applicants with a composite SAT score of 1320 or higher especially competitive chances.

All applicants must submit their SAT or ACT scores to Elon University. 46% of accepted students who applied for admission in the 2018–19 cycle submitted their ACT scores.

According to admissions data, the majority of Elon University admitted students scored in the top 22% nationally on the ACT. 

25% of those accepted to Elon received composite ACT scores above 30, and 25% received scores below 25, with the middle 50% of applicants receiving a score between 25 and 30.

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Elon SAT Requirements 

The writing portion of the SAT is optional for Elon. The admissions office will take into account your highest score from each section across all SAT test dates since Elon participates in the score choice program.

Elon ACT Requirements 

The ACT writing test is not necessary for admission to Elon University. 

Elon University “super scores” ACT scores in contrast to many other universities; your highest subscores from multiple ACT sittings will be taken into account.

What are the Admission Requirements for Elon 

Elon University, which receives just over three-quarters of applicants, employs a somewhat selective admissions process. 

If your SAT/ACT scores and GPA are within the school’s average range, you have a good chance of being accepted. 

However, Elon also has a holistic admissions process that includes factors other than grades and test scores.

 A strong application essay and a compelling letter of recommendation can enhance your application, as can meaningful extracurricular participation and a tight schedule. 

However, students with particularly compelling stories and achievements may be seriously considered.

 In the scatterplot above, the blue and green dots represent passing students. 

We can see that the majority of successful applicants have a high school average of “B+” or better and an SAT score total above 1100 (ERW+M). The ACT-composite score was 23 or greater.

 Slightly better grades and test results can greatly improve your chances of admission.

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Transfer Requirements for Elon 

Elon University leads the nation in student achievement. Our team is ready to help you transfer to a nationally recognized university. 

Elon University is an ideal choice for hands-on learning, innovative teaching and teaching programs, and high graduation rates.

 Elon’s transfer student completed her 12-credit transfer after high school and has a minimum GPA of 2.7 for her.


  • Applications must be completed in full and are non-refundable. The price is $60. Deans of all colleges in attendance are required to submit a Student Conduct Form to determine eligibility.
  • Official certificates from all her 2-year and 4-year colleges/colleges attended are required.
  • Last official high school report card
  • Applicants must submit their applications by January 10th.
  • The school’s application includes auditions and is open to applicants only in the fall.
  • Career changer If you are currently enrolled in your first semester and have completed at least her 12 semester hours, you should apply. Also, if you are studying part-time or have less than 12 hours in a semester, please submit a freshman application.

What GPA do you need to get into Elon? 

The 2019 freshman class at Elon University had an average high school GPA of 3.99, and more than 51% of them had GPAs of 4.0 or higher. 

According to these findings, Elon University accepts a majority of applicants with A grades.

Today, if you’re a junior or senior year student, changing your GPA in time to apply to college isn’t easy.

 If your overall GPA is below the institution’s standard of 4, you need a better SAT or ACT score to make up the difference. 

This allows you to compete better against candidates with better GPAs.

 Elon University has her GPA requirement.

 This average GPA indicates that Elon University is very picky. The most talented candidates from all over the world have already applied to institutions hoping to be accepted, and you have to outdo them. 

Generally, Elon University is a stretch if your GPA is less than 3.98.

 Elon University, on the other hand, can evaluate the application as a whole and compensate for the low-grade point average with additional factors detailed below, so if his grade point average is above 3.98, he is doing the best. 

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How to Apply to Elon 

The following will have to be submitted by applicants: 

  • High school diploma 
  • GPA in high school 
  • ranked learner (recommended but not required) 
  • ACT and SAT (highly recommended) 
  • letters of recommendation from your teachers that are strong (recommended but not required) 
  • higher education courses (highly recommended)

Alternative to Elon 

If You Enjoy Elon University, You Might Enjoy These Institutions

  • Clemson University
  • Vanderbilt University
  • University of North Carolina – Charlotte
  • Duke University
  • Appalachian State University
  • Syracuse University
  • New York University
  • Wake Forest University
  • College of William & Mary
  • American University

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How much is Elon University’s annual tuition?

Elon University tuition and fees are $37,921 for the 2020–2021 academic year. The estimated tuition and fees for the 2021-2022 academic year are $39,321.

The cost of basic education in 2021 increased by 3.69% compared to last year. The cost of living increased by 2.98% year-on-year for both on-campus and off-campus stays. The undergraduate tuition and fees are slightly higher than the average tuition and fees of similar universities.

 How much does it cost to study at Elon University for 4 years?

estimates do not include costs for books, supplies, or living expenses.
Use the other tabs to estimate her total four-year costs after attendance and financial assistance. The table below shows projected tuition and costs for the next five years of enrollment over a four-year period.

Her four-year tuition is expected to be $161,026 for students entering Fall 2021. Pre-financial assistance

Does Elon University offer financial assistance?

Elon University awards federal, state, local, institutional, or other types of grants to its 3,403 students, or 56% of its 6,045 total undergraduate students.

The approximate amount spent is $14,442. Thus, 74% of her 1,573 full-time freshmen received financial aid, and the average amount of aid received was $14,528.


Finding out your chances of getting accepted at Elon University can be done by looking at the admissions statistics. 

To better understand your chances of being accepted, look at the SAT and ACT scores of previous applicants.

 Try retaking the exam to improve your score, or look up colleges looking for scores similar to your own if you find that your scores are lower than those of the typical freshman. 

You will have a good chance of getting into less selective schools.


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