Ebony’s Fable Novel

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Ebony’s Fable Novel Summary

Ebony had never been very… normal. Neither was his upbringing, but it didn’t stop him from living a somewhat normal life. His younger school years had quite some disruptions but all else went as per normal. Left alone after he turned 15 and was deemed old and capable enough to care for himself. He went on to graduate high school and entered a university with no issue.

Ebony never faced any problems in life. He didn’t lack money. He could see his entire future pan out for him and he was sure it was going to go as expected. Graduate, get a stable job, build up a family, and live to a ripe old age together with his partner. Boring. Not that he didn’t want any of that and the building of a family might prove difficult seeing how he had been single for all 20 years of his life.

There was little he looked forward to in life. His daily routine of training had been molded into him from as far back as he could remember and had become a habit and a hobby. Reading was one outlet for his boredom, fantasy, swords, and magic, a world unlike his own where perhaps his training would have some use.

One moment he was on the way back from a job interview for a part-time job, the next moment he found himself in a forest.

Freezing… Snowing in the middle of Summer? Not important. Appearing in a forest out of nowhere? Not important. A meter tall and twice as long ripped-ass boar in sight? Cool. Charging right towards him? Not so cool.

Ebony's Fable Novel
Ebony’s Fable Novel

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