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Durham University Acceptance Rate

Have you ever considered applying for admission to Durham University? If so, you shouldn’t disregard the Durham University Acceptance Rate as information. You may see the acceptance rate and entrance standards in this article. 


I want us to understand Durham University’s history better before we get into its acceptance rate. Find out where to apply to enrol as a student at Durham University.

Universities in other nations with a similar level of distinction face far stiffer competition from applicants. As a result, you can benefit and apply to this top university.

What to know about Durham University in 2023

Located in Durham, Northeastern England, Durham University is a public collegiate university with an acceptance rate of 41%. The third-oldest university in England was established in 1832, but its roots date back to the ninth century. It is also one of the few universities in the UK that has 16 colleges and uses a collegiate organizational system. 

Durham University can commit to high-profile, cutting-edge research because it is a research university and a member of the Russell Group of Universities, the N8 research alliance, and the Coimbra Group.

The institution is one of the smallest in England in student enrollment, with 18,000 students, including 13,000 undergraduates and 5,000 postgraduates. 

Durham, well-known for its international culture, is home to 4,500 foreign students from more than 150 nations. As you can see, Durham University enrols many foreign students. One of the factors contributing to Durham’s high acceptance rate is this. They accommodate lots of international students. 

What is Durham University Acceptance Rate in 2023?

The most important parameter that students should consider is the acceptance rate. The estimated acceptance rate for Durham University is 41%. 

41% acceptance rate is not particularly competitive for a university with so much distinction. Universities in other nations with a similar reputation face far more competition from applicants.

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What is Durham University Transfer Acceptance Rate?

Durham College grants transfer credits to students from other higher education institutions to recognise prior learning. 

Equivalencies (which use the prior course and grade for the student’s new program) or exemptions are provided to transfer students at Durham College (where the student uses multiple previous internal courses for the same course). 

Durham College’s residency policy constraints your eligibility for transfer credit. The rule stipulates that at least 25% of the program of study’s credits must be earned in colleges.

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Is Durham University Hard to Get into?

Gaining admission to Durham University might be challenging due to its 41% acceptance rate. To study in the UK, international applicants must pass all necessary exams and have outstanding academic standing. 

Students may apply at any time of the year because Durham University offers admission on a rolling basis. Through its 26 faculties or colleges, Durham University provides more than 200 undergraduate courses, 100 graduate-level courses, and numerous research degrees. 

The four colleges of Arts and Humanities, Business, Science and Social Sciences, and Health make up the majority of the institution. At Durham University, the most popular programs during the most recent academic year were Physics, Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, and Medicine.

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Does Durham University Require Test Scores in 2023?

The majority of Durham’s undergraduate courses don’t require you to take an additional exam as part of the application process. You are strongly urged to take the subject-specific test for studies in law and mathematics, as these are used to assist us in choosing students to make an offer to.

Durham University SAT Requirements 

Students must achieve a minimum SAT score of 1300 to be admitted to Durham University in the United Kingdom. g) Skills gained through extracurricular activities other than academic ones, such as participation in sports, the arts, or volunteer and community work. 

Durham University ACT Requirements 

Durham University has a minimum ACT requirement of 29 to place you in good standing. A poor ACT score will require more coursework to make up for it. 

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What is the Admission Requirement for Durham University in 2023?

Students may apply at any time of the year because Durham University offers admissions on a rolling basis. Durham University has 26 departments or colleges that offer more than 200 undergraduate courses, 100 graduate courses, and many research degrees. 

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The institution is primarily split into four faculties: business, science, social science, and Health. At Durham University, the most popular majors in the most recent academic year were physics, liberal arts and social sciences, and medicine.

Candidates can select from various study subjects to enrol in the institution as undergraduates. Courses in administration, law, the arts, and other subjects are available at many colleges in Durham. Students can apply for a freshmanship by doing the following:

  • Application portal: UCAS Application
  • Application fee: £18
  • Admission requirements:
  •  Official transcripts with an average score of 85%
  • Academic certificate
  • Statement of purpose
  • English test results

With more than 4,500 foreign students from 156 different countries, Durham is a top-tier university with a long history of embracing scholars and students from around the world. Students can pick from a variety of study options at the institution that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees that are best suited to their needs. Here are a few requirements to fulfil to apply as an international freshman:

  • Official transcripts.
  • Personal statement
  • Academic reference
  • Resume/ CV
  • English proficiency proof

Additionally, the Recruitment and Admissions Office will need to receive scanned copies of the qualifications from international applicants who submit their applications through UCAS. Ensure your email has your name, date of birth, and UCAS personal identification number (PID). ACT or SAT scores are not required. 

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Transfer Requirements for Durham University

Depending on the course, you have studied at another institution. Whether the modules you have taken fulfil our prerequisites, all courses accept transfers from other universities into Year 1, and many will accept transfers into Year 2. These transfers are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

A strong first degree or diploma in a pertinent field is necessary. If you want to major in business, economics, accounting, or finance, you must demonstrate that your undergraduate degree or diploma includes math or other numerate subject modules. Depending on your progression degree, you might require an appropriate first degree for law and social science.

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Durham University GPA Requirements?

To have a decent chance of being admitted to Durham University in the United Kingdom, students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.2 to put on a good edge due to the slightly low acceptance rate. In order to increase their chances of admission, students must also engage in extracurricular activities such as sports, project leadership, and community service.

How to Apply to Durham University 

Once all necessary paperwork has been provided and the university’s acceptance rate has been noted, Durham University Admissions will send the applicant an email letting them know whether they have decided to admit them or not. 

The offer must be accepted or rejected right away. The student has six weeks from the date of the initial request to pay the confirmation fee in order to reserve a spot. 

On a rolling basis, Durham University admits students. According to this, students may submit applications at any time of the year. The Ph.D. has two deadlines for application: October 31, 2022, and July 31, 2022. 

The steps listed below are important for you to remember: 

Every supporting document should be included with the application. Thus students should make sure to accomplish this. When all required documents are submitted, they merely consider the application. 

Students will receive a decision to the email address they supplied after applying. If someone has received an offer letter to reserve a spot, please send a confirmation letter as soon as possible. 

Students must submit a deposit with their confirmation letter to reserve their spot in the applied program.

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What Are the Alternatives to Durham University?

Students also search for:

  • University of Leeds
  • University of Manchester
  • University of Sheffield
  • University of York
  • University of Edinburgh 
  • New Castle University 
  • Lancaster University 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Good is Durham University?

Durham is a premier university in the world, as evidenced by our 92nd place in the QS World University Rankings 2022, which places us among the top 100 universities worldwide. In the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022, 19 Durham disciplines, including 12 in the top 50, are ranked among the top 100 subjects in the world.

How Much Are Durham University Tuition Fees?

The tuition fee for students starting their course in the autumn of 2022 is £9250, the maximum the UK government allows. 
Tuition fees are payable for every year of your course (including during placement and study abroad). They are subject to annual change depending on any increments (usually in line with inflation) determined by the government.


Since Durham University offers admission on a rolling basis, students are welcome to apply at any time of the year. Through its 26 faculties or schools, Durham University provides more than 200 undergraduate courses, 100 graduate courses, and numerous research degrees.  



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