Dungeon Jumper Novel

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Dungeon Jumper Novel Summary

In 2000 humanity underwent drastic changes when tunnels appeared, humans began awakening and with this awakening, the trials pulled all those who awakened in to learn as quickly as possible how to use their newfound energy to defend themselves. Because of the harsh conditions caused by the rapid evolution of everything in the world, humans had to fight for everything and all humans have a status they must fill.

Aadi originates from an unawakened home as the oldest born only 5 years after the tunnels appeared, humans to try and increase standing have as many children as they can to try and hit on the chance of even one of their children being a high awakener, he has 10 younger siblings and low potential started working as a farmer at the base they live at the age of five while also cleaning up and looking after his younger siblings while his parents never bother with any except the youngest who had high potential at birth.

They gave basic nutrient packs, water, and clothes while they lived in a crowded three-bedroom apartment when a tunnel appeared in the middle of the field while working one day causing him to be dragged in. Fortunately, it was the lowest slime dungeon, he was knocked unconscious when being dragged in and buried under dirt that also poured in by the time he woke the awakened had already closed the tunnel leaving him stuck in another world.

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This is my first attempt at a story please tell me of any mistakes, incongruencies or grammar problems as well as your honest opinion on the concept.

Dungeon Jumper Novel
Dungeon Jumper Novel

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