Duel World Online Novel

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Duel World Online Novel Summary

“Welcome to Duel World Online,
An online game in which the players begin their adventures with varieties of cards and skills”

“Tanthai”, who was born with a silver spoon, never once thought that “Duel World”, the latest popular game he bought, would change his life forever…

There are a total of 495 Jobs and 1,819 Classes in the game, and instead of choosing the greatest Job and Class by himself, he lets the system “random” them for him and that is his first mistake!

“Whoever ruled one of the areas from 7 continents, 247 countries, 34,568 cities, and 172,430 areas shall be gifted with the blessing of the land.”

Others might use their brains or physical strengths to solve problems but not for Tanthai. He has his own way of playing this game!

And with his beliefs, his journey begins.

“Every journey was precious…
Embrace the fate of the king…
Duel World Online…”

Duel World Online Novel
Duel World Online Novel

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