Dragon Born Novel by Stephanie Nzekwue

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Dragon Born Novel Summary.

“There is no escape for you. I have waited a long time for you,mate. I will not let you go this time.” I gasped and placed my palm over my heart, doubling over.

I felt it. Strong and unbreakable, a cord that connected our bodies, minds and souls to each other’s. It reached out, connecting me to him, over time, over space, over realms.

I felt his power fuse with mine and cuddle around my ice, making me warm. Fire to my ice. Ice to his fire. I didn’t need to see him to know it was him.

My dragon growled again with mixed emotions coursing through her. I joined in with a snarl and lifted my head, anger of a woman and beast merging into something cataclysmic.

I thrummed my fingers in the air and I raised my head. Our eyes met and I resisted the urge to double over at the sensation in my chest. With Fae vision, he looked even more gorgeous than any being should be. So sensual. So dark. So powerful.

My mate. I searched his turquoise depths for answers, hoping I was wrong, but they said it all. He was my mate. And he’d hurt me. I’ll kill him.

Dragon Born Novel by Stephanie Nzekwue
Dragon Born Novel by Stephanie Nzekwue

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