Dr.Jhon’s Secret Wife Novel by Seorin

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Dr.Jhon’s Secret Wife Novel Summary.

Ameera, a young doctor/second year postgraduate is involved in a big problem at the hospital where she works with her senior, Doctor Jhonny.

The scandal involving them made his father, Professor James, who is the Director of the hospital where they work, take immediate action.

Ameera was severely depressed and suffered a miscarriage after learning that their parents did not approve of their relationship. Ameera’s career was almost destroyed. Even her marriage failed.

However, she tried to get up and was determined to avenge all the actions of those who had criticised and humiliated her at the Hospital.

She studied harder so that she could become a respected specialist doctor in the hospital. Unexpectedly, within three years Ameera returned and was able to compete with Doctor Jhonny,

and she conquered the cold man to fall in love with her again. Doctor Jhonny asked Ameera to be his secret wife. Ameera will never waste this opportunity to get back at Doctor Jhonny and his family.

Will Ameera succeed in getting her revenge? Or is she overwhelmed by Doctor Jhonny’s love and undo her intentions?.

Dr.Jhon's Secret Wife Novel by Seorin
Dr.Jhon’s Secret Wife Novel by Seorin

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