Divorce Has Never Felt This Good Novel by Kesley Peht

Divorce Has Never Felt This Good” by Kesley Peht, a riveting novel that delves into the tumultuous journey of one woman’s pursuit of happiness and self-discovery. In this gripping tale, we follow the resilient protagonist, Becky, who finds herself trapped in a loveless marriage, seeking solace in the hope that her cold-hearted husband, Rory, would eventually warm up to her.

However, a pivotal moment of humiliation shakes her to the core, forcing her to confront the harsh reality of her relationship. The decision she makes in the face of adversity sets her on an empowering path of liberation and newfound strength.

“Divorce Has Never Felt This Good” Summary

“Divorce Has Never Felt This Good” revolves around Becky, a determined woman who endured three long years of a loveless marriage with the aloof and unfeeling Rory. Despite her best efforts, she clung to the belief that with time, he would come to appreciate and care for her. However, everything changed when Rory cruelly forced her to kneel and subjected her to humiliation, shattering any illusions she had about their relationship. Realizing the futility of her feelings for him, Becky faced an ultimatum – kneel and endure more of his mistreatment or choose the path of divorce.

In a moment of clarity and self-preservation, Becky courageously opted for divorce, refusing to waste her youth and happiness on someone as callous as Rory. Although it was a challenging decision, she knew deep down that she deserved better. As she parts ways with her husband, Becky discovers an opportunity to embrace life anew, free from the shackles of a loveless marriage.

With her billion-dollar family fortune at her disposal, Becky embarks on a journey of self-discovery, relishing the freedom to enjoy life and pursue her dreams. Along the way, she meets intriguing characters, faces unexpected challenges, and finds her strength and resilience tested. The novel explores themes of empowerment, love, and the importance of valuing oneself above all else.

Divorce Has Never Felt This Good Novel by Kesley Peht
Divorce Has Never Felt This Good Novel by Kesley Peht.

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