Dirty Sexy Saint Novel by Cord3lia

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Dirty Sexy Saint Novel Summary.

“Okay, let’s make a deal.” I shouldn’t have engaged him. I know I shouldn’t have, but I did it anyway. “What deal?” “Six months. I give you six months.

If you fall in love with me within that time frame, I kill you. If you don’t, your freedom is guaranteed.” He gave me a sinister smile. If I looked hard enough, I’d see the horns on his head, portraying him as the devil he really is.

“Deal?” Everything in me was screaming to say no and get the fuck away from him. I knew I was going against everything I know when I said, “Deal.”

Jordan Miller has often been told her smart mouth will put her in trouble, but what happens when she disrespects her boss, Alessandro Maurizio, the mafia don?

Dirty Sexy Saint Novel by Cord3lia
Dirty Sexy Saint Novel by Cord3lia

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