Dickinson Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admission 

Dickinson college is a private liberal arts college in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, with a 52% acceptance rate, Dickinson is somewhat selective. Even if it is the institution of your choice, make sure this is not the only place you apply. 

How you compare to other applicants will have a big impact on whether you get accepted or not. The excellent student-to-faculty ratio at Dickinson is 9 to 1. 

This is much better than the national average of 15 to 1. As a result, it is likely that many classes will be small and that students will have many opportunities to collaborate closely with their instructors and classmates.

Some people consider the percentage of faculty who work full-time as a sign of how much time professors will have to spend with their students in addition to student-to-faculty ratios. This is due to the possibility that part-time faculty spend less time on campus than full-time faculty.

What to know about Dickinson in 2023

Located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Dickinson is a private university focusing on the fine and liberal arts. 

One of the top institutions of higher learning for the arts in the Northeast is Dickinson.

 While Dickinson students can choose fine arts, architecture, innovative design, or art education, all of its students complete their Bachelor of Fine Arts programs, which is the third liberal arts. 

The city in the United States and one of the most fashionable in Pennsylvania, is the state capital, where most of the population resides.

Pennsylvania is a well-liked study destination and the location of several colleges, including Various other university. 

It also has cutting-edge architecture, delicious seafood, nine parks, a sparkling waterfront, and many cultural attractions. 

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What is Dickinson’s Acceptance Rate?

The acceptance rate for Dickinson is 52%. 52out of every 100 applicants are chosen. 

This implies that the school has a modest level of selection. The school will set the expected GPA, and SAT/ACT score requirements. 

You’ll almost certainly get an offer of admission if you meet their requirements. 

But if you don’t meet the requirements, you’ll be one of the unfortunate few who gets turned down by Dickinson college.

In addition to your GPA and SAT/ACT results, your admissions decision will take into account the level of difficulty of your coursework, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, and personal statement.

 Your chances of admission are only estimated simply by this tool.

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What is Dickinson’s Transfer Acceptance Rate in 2023?

Approximately 24% of transfer candidates are accepted by Dickinson college. 

Nearly 21% of those who were accepted went to school. 

With more than 3,090 college applications received by the institution, Dickinson’s overall transfer acceptance rate for the upcoming fall semester was reported to be 27%. 

Both in-state and out-of-state applicants are included in these figures.

Below are the majors offered by Dickinson college 

  • Graphic design 16.8% 
  • Illustration 10.8% 
  • Photography, film, and related media arts 10.3%\
  • Painting 9.5% 
  • Clothing and fashion design 7.4%
  • Photography 6.1% 
  • Product and industrial design 5.5% for 
  • film/video production and cinematography 5%
  • Training for art educators 4.7%
  • Intermedia/multimedia 4.2%

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Is Dickinson Hard to get into?

Entry to Dickinson is a little challenging. Chose 70% of all applicants for admission to Dickinson in 2021. 

1,881 of the 2,677 applicants who submitted applications to Dickinson last year were accepted. 

You have a great chance of getting in because this school is only mildly selective, provided that you don’t perform significantly below average. 

Aim for a 1020 SAT or 19 ACT score or higher to increase your chances of receiving an admissions offer. 

You will be accepted if you fulfil the remaining criteria for applying listed below. 

However, if your score falls below the suggested target score, you might be one of the unfortunate few who gets turned down.

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Does Dickinson require test scores?

The requirements for standardized tests differ from school to school. 

Most schools require the SAT or ACT, and many also require the SAT subject tests. 

You must take the SAT or ACT if you want to apply. 

More importantly, success is necessary for a strong application.

Dickinson’s SAT Requirements 

At Dickinson College, the typical SAT score is 1170 out of 1600. Dickinson is competitive for SAT scores with this score. 

The New SAT’s 25th percentile score is 1020, and its 75th percentile score is 1260. 

For example, a 1020 New SAT indicates you are below average, whereas a 1260 indicates you are above average.

Dickinson’s ACT Requirements 

The typical ACT score at Dickinson is 24. With this result, Dickinson moderately is ACT score-competitive. 

The ACT’s 25th percentile score is 19, while its 75th percentile score is 27. 

You’ll have a harder time getting in if you don’t have something else impressive in your application, even though Dickinson most likely states they have no minimum ACT requirements if you apply with a 19 or lower.

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What are the Admission Requirements for Dickinson in 2023

  • filled-out form with contributions 
  • Official Transcript Translations and Credential Evaluations for all prior academic work, including grades for each course, must be performed by individuals approved by NACES or AICE. 
  • Additional materials should be sent to the Dickinson admissions office electronically or by mail. 
  • The English language test results Declaration and proof of financial support 
  • Statement of support 
  • Passport photocopy, ACT/SAT score report (optional) 

Please send all supporting documentation, test results, and transcripts to the following address: 

Admissions 28 N College St, Carlisle, Pennsylvania 17030, USA

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Transfer Requirements for Dickinson 

  • Official transcripts: You’ll need your official high school and college records. 
  • SAT scores: Standardized test scores (SAT/ACT) will no longer be required as part of Dickinson’s admission requirements. The SAT school code for Dickinson is 3516 if you decide to submit your test results. Dickinson’s school code on the ACT is 1846. 
  • Letters of recommendation: When evaluating your application, letters of recommendation can be very helpful. The best person to pick is someone who can talk about your potential as a student, your drive, your abilities, your experience, and your character. 
  • Essay: Your chance to express yourself verbally and give the admissions committee a better understanding of who you are as your application essay provides a person.
  • Application cost: USD 70 
  • Additional requirements include the use of digital portfolios. The examples given will be used to calculate transfer credit. A resume or list of employment, volunteer work, and extracurricular activities like school clubs are required.

What GPA do you need to get into Dickinson? 

At Dickinson, the average GPA is 3.45. Dickinson requires you to be roughly average in your high school class and have a GPA of 3.45. 

A mixture of “A” and “B,” with very little “C,” will be required. 

Taking more difficult courses, like AP or IB classes, can help you make up for a lower GPA.

 This will demonstrate your capacity to attend college classes and raise your weighted GPA. 

Changing your GPA in time for college can be challenging if you are currently junior or senior. 

You will require a higher SAT or ACT score if your grade point average in high school is at or below the 3.45 mark.

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How to Apply to Dickinson 

There are a total of 4 steps in the application and admissions process for Dickinson, and they are as follows: 

First: Applying to the school is the first step in the Dickinson admissions process. Call the college or submit an online application if you’re interested in attending the university. 

They can also go straight to the university admissions office, which is located at 28 N College St, Carlisle, Pennsylvania 17030, USA.

Students can also call the admissions office at Dickinson directly if they are interested in applying.

Dickinson’s acceptance is the second stage of the application and admissions process. 

To receive an admissions decision, students who have applied to the university must submit several materials, including an essay, transcripts or academic records, and an official SAT score. 

The third step requires applicants to certify their enrollment at the Dickinson . Candidates must choose to house and finish the financial registration process.

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Alternative to Dickinson 

  • Boston college, chestnut hills 
  • Drexel university, Pennsylvania
  • Lafayette college, Easton
  • Buckner University, Lewisburg
  • Haverford college, Pennsylvania 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Dickinson provide students with financial aid? 

59% of students with proven financial needs have their needs met by Dickinson. A first-year full-time student’s average annual financial aid package is around $12,432. Each student with debt graduated in 2020 with an average of $26,720 in loans. 

What Is The Graduation Rate At Dickinson? 

Graduates who complete their degrees in less than four years are on time. 52% of first-time, full-time students at Dickinson complete their degrees on time. Considering the 33.3% national average, that’s excellent.

What is the reputation of Dickinson University?

Dickinson University is renowned for its global outlook and offers more than 40 study-abroad programs in 25 nations across six continents. It also offers 13 modern languages. The majority of Dickinson University students travel abroad.


Approximately 70% of applications are accepted, which is a moderately high acceptance rate for Dickinson. 

This demonstrates unequivocally that 58 of the 100 applicants who wish to enrol in the school are admitted. 

Here is a key admission requirement to familiarize applicants: the average GPA of admitted students is 3.50.

You should note that Dickinson’s application deadline is February 1, 2020.


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