Devil’s Apartment Novel by Zanaka

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Devil’s Apartment Novel Summary.

Allera Nightray is a 25 year old woman from the Nightray family. She was gifted by her grandfather a luxurious apartment in the Silver Vine Garden.

The apartment has 5 bedrooms. Allera is a realistic person and doesn’t believe in demons and the like. Allera even thought that demons were just a bunch of atoms.

Allera decided to live in the ity apartment because it was closer to her workplace. At first, Allera did not see anything strange about the apartment her grandfather gave to Allera, but Allera felt suspicious when she often saw a black shadow enter her room.

Then, Allera is also surrounded by strange neighbors. Kei is a demon from the wolf race. He has a twin brother named Ken. They both lived in one of the units in the Silver Vine Garden apartment.

Silver Vine Garden is an apartment that has few fans. In this place, demons and humans blend into one. However, none of the humans realized that their neighbor was a demon.

Only poor humans choose haunted apartments because of their cheap prices. Ken and Kei also act like normal humans to hide their identity as demons.

They also have neighbors named Shin and Belphie. Allera doesn’t know the story, why her neighbors are now renting a room in Allera’s apartment. Allera, who really likes money, of course wants to rent out the 4 bedrooms to these strange young men.

  Surviving The Novel 

The four demons compete for the attention of Allera Nightray, the owner of the apartment they live in. Then, who managed to win Allera’s heart? Then, they have to face Allera’s brother also named Althair.

Devil's Apartment Novel by Zanaka
Devil’s Apartment Novel by Zanaka

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