Demon’s Dream: An Unexpected Love Novel by Elle Kayson

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Demon’s Dream: An Unexpected Love Novel Summary.

Demon Clawing my way from the depths of hell to haunt the nightmares and steal the lives of many, I earned the name “Demon.” Hardened by a life that no one should live, I had rules that governed my existence.

No caring. No intimacy. No love. And then I saw her… Dream. Beautiful. Brave. Bold. And for thirty days, she was mine. I would follow my have her body, ignore her heart.

Then, she looked at me… like she knew me. Like she saw me. Like she loved me. And I knew… thirty days weren’t nearly enough.

Dream Brilliant and bad ass, I was my family’s fixer. I was the queen of negotiating and smoothing ruffled feathers.

I had never met a situation I couldn’t talk us out of… until my brother crossed the wrong family and they would accept only one payment for that debt.

For thirty days, I was supposed to give myself to a man so brutal, they called him “Demon.” I had to follow his rules, honor his demands, be available to him only.

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When I met him, he had nightmares in his cold green eyes and an enemy’s blood splattered on his hard, inked body.

How could I survive a month with a monster without losing myself?
Except… those eyes seemed to thaw a little each time he looked at me.

And his chiseled body fit perfectly against mine. There was so much more to the enigma called “Demon,”

so many things that made him my “Damien.” Suddenly, the only thing I was worried about losing in thirty days was my heart.

Demon's Dream: An Unexpected Love Novel by Elle Kayson
Demon’s Dream: An Unexpected Love Novel by Elle Kayson

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