Demon Lord’s Harem Novel

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Demon Lord’s Harem Novel Summary

What happens when the strongest being reincarnated with far higher possibilities to put the world in their hands than they had in the past?

“Heh, what a heartless being you’re system, anyway since I have nearly reached the peak, it’s time for women hunting, or maybe… stealing spree, mwahahahaha”

Petne Asmodeus got reincarnated into the body of the dying demon Prince of Lust.

But what he didn’t know at the start was he was the reincarnation of the strongest being in the world and the…… of the strongest being in a higher world beyond his, far stronger than the universe had planned.

Follow his adventure as he conquers both women’s hearts and the world in the shadows.

Demon Lord's Harem Novel
Demon Lord’s Harem Novel

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