DEMON INSTINCT Novel by Babylinda

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Marcus growled, the taste of cinnamon and metal filling his mouth. He retracted his fangs from the neck of the dead man and dropped him with a thud.

He licked the blood off his lip and grinned at the six who stood, watching him with horror stark in their features. “I told you,” He cooed, voice low and menacing as he inched forward,

causing the burly six to retreat several steps backward. His smile stretched and his bloodied fangs gleamed in the soft light of the forest as he added,

“I don’t forgive.” “W-what are you?” The biggest of the six stuttered, wide eyes darting to the dead body that lay by Marcus’s feet.

Marcus ran a thumb across his red lips and popped the thumb into his mouth, sucking the rest of the blood from it. “Whatever frightens you.”

Catch the story of Marcus Lee, a man who set out on a quest to grow stronger and avenge the death of his family at the hands of demon slayers. Little did he know, he was in for numerous surprises.

DEMON INSTINCT Novel by Babylinda
DEMON INSTINCT Novel by Babylinda

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