Delusion: Ray’s Deception Novel

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Delusion: Ray’s Deception Novel Summary

The darkness covers an unfamiliar city and the night growls with hunger…
Thrown into a new body and a new life, Ray awakens.

“Where am I?”
“Your first task has arrived”, a feminine robotic voice echoed.
Ray turned around to find a woman standing on the edge of the roof.
“Prevent her imminent death. Failure: Penalty will be applied.”

In a new world, with advanced technology and magic, Ray now has to face the harshest trials of his life.

The deeper he ventures into the web of catastrophe, the more he’ll be pushed to his wit’s ends.

Can he outsmart and survive this fight against whimsical Gods while keeping himself and his dear ones alive?

Delusion: Ray's Deception Novel
Delusion: Ray’s Deception Novel

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