Deep CRAVINGS Novel by Baby Kiara

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Deep CRAVINGS by Baby Kiara.

Deep CRAVINGS Novel Summary.

Leaving the orphanage, she just wants to be free; have an education and to live a better life.

Milena Palau’s dreams were cut short by some men kidnapping her into an unknown kingdom as she discovered her real self; her powers as the light one.

Prince Flynn Rejou German, a known Mafia Lord but accompanied with supernatural powers, collides with her. Trapped in between the three princes of the red palace,

he alone wants her but she is naive to know it accompanied with the fact that she has to be able to weird her powers to destroy darkness from the world.

Deep CRAVINGS Novel by Baby Kiara
Deep CRAVINGS Novel by Baby Kiara

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